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  1. black turtleneck vibes
    Amanda Seyfried Calls Elizabeth Holmes’ Prison Sentence ‘Fair’Gobbledygook answers are sometimes the best ones.
  2. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Jamie’s CryingTed set out to change how the Greyhounds approached football and life. And he’s accomplished that. So is his work now done?
  3. trailer mix
    All the Clues About Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower MoonIn the trailer featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Lily Gladstone.
  4. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Hitting BottomOur friends are on the messy rebound.
  5. tv review
    Drops of God Offers an Intoxicating PairingThe Apple TV+ manga adaptation overcomes clichéd writing to serve a series unlike anything else on TV.
  6. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Secrets and LiesHaving everyone be a Nice Guy has been an asset, but it can feel phony whenever a complex situation arises.
  7. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Oscar Wilde Is Dead?The Greyhounds are winning again, but everyone struggles to make progress off the field.
  8. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Adventures in Extreme Team BondingAre we supposed to like Nate now?
  9. marvel-ous
    Ghosted Is a Little Bit of an MCU MeetupChris Evans has familiar company in these cameos.
  10. mythic pest
    F. Murray Abraham Responds to Mythic Quest Firing for Alleged Sexual MisconductHis White Lotus character may have been closer to reality than we realized.
  11. now streaming
    The 20 Best TV Shows on Apple TV+ Right NowPachinko, Ted Lasso, Severance, and more.
  12. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Going DutchNothing like a night out in Amsterdam to help Ted & Co. through their identity crises.
  13. book adaptations
    Chase Sui Wonders Is at the Center of the FireCity On Fire comes to Apple TV+.
  14. now streaming
    The 9 Best Movies on Apple TV+ Right NowCauseway, CODA, Wolfwalkers, and more gems.
  15. who killed jfk
    Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson to Thinly Fictionalize ThemselvesBrother From Another Mother will see the duo moving in together, Odd Couple style.
  16. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Clubhouse ProblemsDespite Zava’s superstar talent, Richmond keeps losing, leaving the team to wonder whether Ted is the best coach for the job.
  17. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Keeping It 2011Ted finally realizes that he may indeed be a mess.
  18. close read
    Monster Factory Assembles an Unexpected Superhero StoryIn Apple TV+’s new indie-wrestling docuseries, Danny Cage and his students don’t need to be told the odds are against them. It wouldn’t matter anyway.
  19. exit interview
    Bill Lawrence Is Still Figuring It OutDespite a rapidly shifting TV landscape, the Shrinking and Ted Lasso co-creator hasn’t abandoned his earnest worldview.
  20. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: Waiting for ZavaThe Greyhounds’ newest star turns the team around but winning can’t solve everything.
  21. an apple a day
    Jessica Chastain to Transform Into a Mysterious Investigator for Apple TVThe Savant follows a woman who infiltrates online hate groups to stop large-scale violent attacks before they happen.
  22. overnights
    Dear Edward Finale Recap: Ten Weeks LaterOur characters have to say good-bye yet again, but this time it’s on their own terms.
  23. overnights
    Shrinking Season-Finale Recap: The Best Way to Help YourselfTherapy has become a smaller and smaller part of this show over the course of the season, so the final scene of the finale feels a bit jarring.
  24. trailer mix
    Schmigadoon! Trades Hammerstein for SondheimSeason two has jazz hands and murder.
  25. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: Promises, PromisesA lot of intense bleakness going on here, even for a show about the traumatic aftermath of a plane crash.
  26. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: Big GestureThe penultimate episode provides plenty of emotionally complex moments, which have become the best part of Shrinking.
  27. tv review
    Does Ted Lasso Know What He’s Doing? Does Ted Lasso, for That Matter?The third round of the Apple TV+ series seems unsure where to go next.
  28. overnights
    Ted Lasso Season-Premiere Recap: New Beginnings, Dire PredictionsTed & Co. face some big existential questions as Ted Lasso heads into its final season.
  29. appointment viewing
    Apple TV+ Books Another Therapy Sesh with ShrinkingCo-creator Bill Lawrence confirmed that a second season has been in the works “for months.”
  30. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: Piano ManI’d like to point out that Edward is not in therapy yet, and that is absolutely wild.
  31. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: Pattern InterruptShrinking is moving away from its focus on therapy and toward a pure hangout sitcom.
  32. trailer mix
    Country Music Won’t Be the Same After My Kind of CountryOr so Reese Witherspoon and Kacey Musgraves hope in the first trailer for their new competition series, My Kind of Country.
  33. it’s giving creepy
    Chris Evans Follows Ana de Armas to London After One DateBecause he got Ghosted.
  34. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: When the Fairy Tale Is OverWe’ve got romance, breakups, emotionally loaded dumplings — this episode has a little bit of everything!
  35. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: The Easy PartJimmy and Gaby pump the brakes and work to restore their friendship.
  36. enter the ring
    Monster Factory Invites You to Get Into Indie WrestlingSee, even Apple TV+ likes wrestling now!
  37. i do watch ted lasso
    Believe In Ted Lasso Season 3The new trailer teases a very lonely Nate.
  38. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: Take the CrêpeNot dealing with their issues is getting our people into trouble.
  39. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: Doing the WorkHarrison Ford gets high on weed gummies. This is not a drill!
  40. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: They Just FellAmanda and Steve, what are you doing?!?
  41. trailer mix
    We’ve Got Some Puzzles for Taron Egerton to SolveNamely, what is going on in this Tetris trailer?
  42. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: New DefinitionsFinding out your husband was a great guy to everyone but you has to be extra brutal for our girl Dee Dee.
  43. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: Bad DayJimmy’s tendency to make everything about himself leads to his ugliest moment yet.
  44. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: The Odd and PeculiarWhile the title character is one of the least interesting of the bunch, Connie Britton’s Dee Dee is absolutely stealing the show.
  45. overnights
    Dear Edward Recap: Good Night, StupidEveryone is adjusting to their new normal. “Normal” being excruciating and debilitating grief.
  46. overnights
    Dear Edward Series-Premiere Recap: The WreckageBe warned that Apple TV’s latest drama will leave you sobbing at some point.
  47. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: Grieve HardJimmy’s new method of addressing his grief may effectively numb his pain, but his emotional bill will be due soon enough.
  48. sundance 2023
    Sundance’s Year of Existential Crisis Yielded Back-to-Back MegadealsInsiders call this year’s Sundance a return to form, with several all-night bidding wars and multiple eight-figure deals.
  49. party report
    Jason Segel Is a Car Guy in Real Life and in ShrinkingThe Apple TV+ show’s vintage Bronco is inspired by the co-creator and star’s actual ride.
  50. the vulture spot
    When Steph Curry Met Peter Nicks He Fumbled a QuesadillaIt’s hard holding a quesadilla while wearing four championship rings.
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