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  1. Check Out a Ton of Pieces from the Judd Apatow Art ShowGallery 1988, Katie Cromwell and Jensen Karp’s wonderful pop culture art gallery is hosting a Judd Apatow art show beginning next week, with […]
  2. This Documentary Will Make You Sad You Missed the ‘Community’ Art Show Here’s a new documentary about “Six Seasons and a Movie,” an art show composed entirely of Community fan art that was held at LA’s PixelDrip […]
  3. ‘Community’ Fan Art Gets an IRL Spotlight We had previously reported that LA’s PixelDrip gallery is having a Community inspired art show this weekend, which you should definitely go […]
  4. ‘Community’ #FourSeasonsAndAnArtShowLA’s PixelDrop Gallery will be housing an art show inspired by Community on June 23rd and 24th, entitled appropriately enough, “Six Seasons and […]