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Artificial Intelligence

  1. artificial intelligence
    Should We Be Scared of Buffalo Wild Wings?A Mrs. Davis investigation.
  2. endings
    Mrs. Davis Wasn’t Really About AI After AllAre you satisfied?
  3. trailer mix
    John David Washington Parents a Robot in The Creator TrailerThe Last of AI.
  4. into it
    The End of Search As You Know ItAI is about to turn content discovery on its head.
  5. switched on pop
    More Drake AI Songs Are ComingThey’re easier to make than you think.
  6. the future
    6 Stand-ups Analyze ChatGPT’s Attempts to Steal Their Jobs“It’s eerie, but there are comedians who are worse than this.”
  7. screen time
    Soon You’ll Be Able to Make Your Own Feature-Length Movie With AISome argue that AI is too derivative. But in Hollywood, shallow riffing on preexisting IP is a lucrative skill.
  8. screen time
    How Peter Jackson Broke Up the BeatlesAnd used AI to make Revolver better than ever.
  9. the future
    Now Anyone Can Perform As Holly Herndon With AI ‘Digital Twin,’ Holly+By sharing her voice, the electronic composer is “encouraging people to experiment with a new and exciting technology.”
  10. theory
    Grimes Wants Communists to Give AI a Chance“If you think about it, AI is actually the fastest path to communism,” she said in a new TikTok.
  11. bleep blorp
    Hollywood Gives Up on Humans, Casts AI RobotThe robot will be playing a robot.
  12. auctions
    An Artwork Made by Artificial Intelligence Just Sold for $400,000The painting fetched 40 times its estimate. Why?
  13. How Close Are We To Real-Life Westworld Robots?And how should we treat them when we get them?
  14. Evan Rachel Wood Asked Siri About WestworldOur bicameral brains can’t handle this.
  15. This Algorithm Predicts Game of Thrones DeathsWait, what was that Jon Snow percentage?
  16. comic-book movies
    What Age of Ultron Could Learn From Ex MachinaSlow it down.