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  1. season’s beatings
    Violent Night Was an Idea ‘Just Stupid Enough’ to ExistThe guys behind the R-rated holiday shoot-’em-up still sound incredulous — not only that it overperformed but that it reached the screen at all.
  2. at the box office
    Wakanda Forever Closes Out Marvel’s Phase 4 With a Record November OpeningIt provided a much-needed boost to reeling multiplexes that have been starved of big-budget event titles since summer.
  3. at the box office
    Record Opening Turns Top Gun: Maverick into 2022’s First Instant Blockbuster“Audiences have been starved for a big movie to root for and to go see that isn’t a Marvel or DC movie.”
  4. at the box office
    Jackass Forever Donkey-Kicked Moonfall, But They Didn’t Need to Compete“There was plenty of time to move one of these films,” says a box-office analyst, who warns now is not the time for showdowns like this.
  5. at the box office
    Why Spider-Man: No Way Home Shattered Box-Office RecordsThe Spidey sequel webbed its way to the third-biggest box-office opening ever at a time when many counted out the movie theater for good.
  6. at the box office
    You All Dropped the Cat-and-Mouse Game and Saw Tom and Jerry in TheatersThe movie had a very encouraging opening weekend in theaters, all pandemics considered.