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  1. first person
    A Return to Stage FrightJacqueline Novak on reviving her critically acclaimed live show Get on Your Knees after a year away.
  2. snl
    SNL Is Paying Audience Members $150 This SeasonAnd now they can put “NBC employee” on their résumés.
  3. the audience
    The Rise of “Clapter” ComedyThe phenomenon coined by Seth Meyers is everywhere in comedy. Is it hurting the form?
  4. An ‘SNL’ Audience Member Describes Her Brush with Live TV“What was running through my head: ‘holy shit, no this is not happening. Is this for real? Uh, I have to say something?! Don’t fuck up, don’t […]
  5. Could You Get Paid to Laugh Infectiously?Laughter ringers are people with infectious laughs that live-audience sitcoms plant in the audience to get the rest of the crowd going, and […]
  6. Norm MacDonald’s Audience ProblemWhen Norm MacDonald was hosting SNL’s Weekend Update, his relationship with the studio audience was a serious chunk of his charm. He would […]
  7. Is Overenthusiasm Worse Than Heckling?It’s going on five years since I’ve regularly watched late night comedy. In my living room, the Conans, the Colberts, and the Lettermen have […]