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Aurora Shooting

  1. Cinemark Asks Aurora Victims to Pay Its FeesThe theater chain is asking for almost $700,000 from the victims.
  2. mea culpas
    Dane Cook Apologizes for Aurora Shooting Joke“A bad judgment call.”
  3. comedy
    Here Is Dane Cook’s Aurora Shooting JokeYup.
  4. aurora shooting
    Christian Bale Visits Aurora Shooting VictimsThere’s a photo.
  5. weekend box office
    Dark Knight B.O. Leaked; Moratorium Broken Opening weekend figures for The Dark Knight rises still made it to the press. 
  6. weekend box office
    There Will be No Box Office Numbers This Weekend Other studios have joined Warner Bros. in a gesture of sympathy toward Colorado’s moviegoing shooting victims. 
  7. the culture
    The ‘Batman Massacre’: Telling Ourselves Stories in Order to PretendOften in these situations, we duck hard truths by creating narratives.