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  1. lights camera cgi
    Great Moments in Auto-Tune HistoryFrom the time that it was invented by some math guy to its liberal application by Kanye West, Auto-Tune has had a long and weird past.
  2. album review
    Swamp Dogg’s New Album Is Deeply OddAnd sometimes brilliant, too.
  3. manual-tune
    T-Pain Performs Without Auto-Tune; Blows Your Mind; Breaks Your HeartWe cannot stress enough how great this is.
  4. The Gregory Brothers Give Charles Ramsey the Auto-Tune Treatment Musical comedy entity the Gregory Brothers have already built a song around news footage of newly-minted abduction case hero/internet […]
  5. Hear President Obama ‘Sing’ ‘Deck the Halls’And what a “singer” he is!
  6. reading rainbow
    Reading Rainbow Gets Auto-TunedLong live Levar!
  7. charlie chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin Gets Auto-TunedWait, Chaplin’s in the Black Eyed Peas?
  8. aubrey o’day
    President Obama Knows All the Words to an Aubrey O’Day Song?Wait, Obama knows who Aubrey O’Day is?
  9. clickables
    Hear the Crazy eHarmony Woman’s New Single, ‘Can’t Hug Every Cat’From the Gregory Brothers.
  10. american idol
    American Idol Preemptively Rejects Auto-Tune ClaimsA few days after the ‘X Factor’ admission.
  11. x factor
    Simon Cowell’s X Factor Admits To Auto-TuningAmerican version of the show due in 2011.
  12. music
    Hip-hop Christians Discover Auto-TunePastor Phil teaches a member of his community about “mojo.”
  13. auto-tune
    Alex Trebek Uses the T-Pain MachineTrebek got Auto-Tuned!
  14. last night on late night
    Late Night: Dana Carvey’s Act Is a Tad RacistPlus Stephen Colbert auto-tuned on our regular late-night roundup.
  15. auto-tune
    Did T-Pain Back Down on Auto-Tune?His new track, “Dope,” is notably un-pitch-corrected.
  16. auto-tune
    T-Pain Auto-Tunes Your iPhoneFor the incredible price of just $2.99, you can record your Auto-Tuned voice singing along to classic T-Pain jams like “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper).”
  17. auto-tune
    Jay-Z Fails to Kill Auto-TuneSales of the software are apparently way up. Says a spokesman: “The Jay-Z controversy is great. We couldn’t buy P.R. like this.”
  18. auto-tune
    Auto-Tune Community Reponds to the Death of Auto-Tune“Death to synthesizers too. Death to guitar pick. Death to Smoochy. Death to Slurpees.”
  19. auto-tune
    Jay-Z Kills Auto-Tune; T-Pain Picks Worst Possible Weekend to Buy Big-Ass ChainBy decree of the Jiggaman, Auto-Tune is dead! Also, T-Pain probably could’ve timed the purchase of his new novelty bling a little better.
  20. auto-tune
    The Lonely Island and The Roots Reprise ‘I’m on a Boat’ for Jimmy FallonIs there anything these guys can’t do?
  21. gimmicks
    Adult Swim Cues Up an Auto-Tune Hunger ForceThat’s right, get ready for a live-action episode of ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force.’
  22. auto-tune
    Kanye West Isn’t a Gay Fish in Real Life, But He Plays One on TVMatt Stone and Trey Parker have done it again.
  23. auto-tune
    Simon Cowell Nowhere to Be Found During Kanye West’s American Idol PerformanceWe kinda wish we had missed it, too.
  24. technology
    iPainT-Pain is teaming up with tech company Antares to create an Auto-Tune iPhone app.