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Autumn De Wilde

  1. night at the museum
    Mannequins Haunt the 2022 Met Costume Institute ExhibitStaged by Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Regina King, and six other poor souls.
  2. eat the rich
    Why Emma Is Still Jane Austen’s Most Pleasurable HeroineGo ahead. Judge the hell out of her. That’s the point.
  3. influences
    Harold and Maude, Beck, and 7 Other Things That Influenced Emma.Director Autumn De Wilde on the movies, music, and TV that inspired her own coming of age.
  4. movies
    Johnny Flynn on Playing Emma.’s Romantic Lead and His David Bowie MovieFlynn is on the brink of a big Hollywood moment.
  5. right-click
    Jack White Seen Consorting With Old Man in ChurchJack White’s career apprenticing himself to roots music and its giants might climax with this reworked Raconteurs song.
  6. art candy
    Beck Slays World’s Biggest Clown; Photographer Autumn De Wilde Is ThereWhen Beck holds the weight of the world in his hands, it looks like this: glowing, red, and in the shape of an egg.