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Avengers: Infinity War

  1. box office
    Avengers: Endgame Has the Biggest Opening Weekend EverThe movie obliterated box-office records with a $1.2 billion global debut.
  2. avengers: infinity war
    The Creator of Avengers Villain Thanos Has Beef With Marvel“Marvel tends to bring out the worst in me, at times,” says Jim Starlin.
  3. blame it on thanos
    How the Avengers: Endgame Screenwriters Crafted a ‘Lean’ 3-Hour StoryAccording to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the Infinity War sequel ties up “at least six or seven” different Marvel franchise storylines.
  4. quantum what?
    The Best Avengers: Endgame Theories About How the Superhero Saga Will ConcludeThis is not a leak. But we are discussing the Quantum Realm and the Thanos Protocol, so buckle in.
  5. pay gap
    Do You Want Your Movie to Dominate at the Box Office? Hire Letitia WrightPay her like the genius princess she is.
  6. fan backlash
    Netflix Has Finally Stopped Genocide-Shaming ThanosJust because you want to kill half of all life, it doesn’t mean you’re a sociopath.
  7. lights camera cgi
    Digital Doubles Are Revolutionizing Hollywood. But Why Do Movie Stars Hate Them?Scanning actors to manipulate their images in post is increasingly common. But will it become industry standard to bring actors back from the dead?
  8. half the horses and half the ants
    Apparently Thanos Also Killed Half of All Animals in Avengers: Infinity WarWhat is that guy’s problem?
  9. movies
    Here’s Where Ant-Man and the Wasp Fits Into the Marvel TimelineIt was an open question after Avengers: Infinity War.
  10. James Corden Picks His Favorite Late Late Show MomentIt’s from the fan-driven Avengers episode.
  11. box office gold
    Deadpool 2 Shoots to the Top of the Box Office, Takes Out Avengers: Infinity WarIn the end, however, Deadpool 2 couldn’t defeat its real opponent: the other Deadpool.
  12. i am groot
    James Gunn Reveals Groot’s Final Line in Infinity War and Honestly It’s Very SadSpoilers! Duh!
  13. $$$$
    Holy Smokes, Avengers: Infinity War Already Made $1 BillionThe movie hasn’t even opened in China yet.
  14. avengers infinity war
    Avengers: Infinity War’s Facial Hair, RankedThere are good guys and bad guys and Infinity Stones, but this is really a movie about facial hair.
  15. avengers infinity war
    Good News, That Character You Were Worried About Survived Infinity WarAt a recent appearance, co-director Joe Russo revealed that one fan-favorite did indeed survive.
  16. What Will Happen in the Next Avengers Movie?We have some theories.
  17. Is Thanos Hot?The Vulture staff is intensely split on the Avengers: Infinity War villain.
  18. Avengers: Infinity War: How They Decided to Split Up the CharactersThe writers of Marvel’s huge hit discuss how they settled on those superheroic combinations.
  19. box office gold
    Avengers: Infinity War Had the Biggest Opening Weekend Box Office of All TimeWith $250 million earned in the U.S. alone, Infinity War knocked The Force Awakens, and, uh, every other movie ever released, out of the park.
  20. Did Avengers: Infinity War Kill Off the Right Characters?Spoilers. Duh.
  21. comic-book movies
    Our 9 Biggest Questions About Avengers: Infinity WarHow does this connect to Captain Marvel? And more importantly, what happened to Korg?
  22. How to Make Two Avengers Movies Back-to-Back and Not DieJoe and Anthony Russo weathered pneumonia, injured actors, and insane schedules to make Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel.
  23. Avengers: Infinity War’s Children of Thanos, ExplainedThey’re also known as the Black Order.
  24. Avengers: Infinity War’s Post-Credits Scene, ExplainedIf you’re not a superfan, the last image is a stumper.
  25. comic-book movies
    The Walking Dead Connection You Might Have Missed in Infinity WarTWD’s Ross Marquand pops up in a surprising place in the latest Avengers film.
  26. comic book movies
    Who’s the Arrested Development Character That Pops Up in Infinity War?It’s …
  27. Watch People Try to Recap Every Marvel Movie“Chris Evans is skinny, and then Chris Evans … isn’t.”
  28. Why Thanos Doesn’t Woo a Sexy Skeleton in Avengers: Infinity WarThe filmmakers explain why they changed the villain’s comic-book motivation.
  29. avengers infinity war
    How Many Marvel Movies Do I Have to See Before Infinity War?Which of the 18 films in the MCU do you need to have seen to understand Infinity War?
  30. movie review
    Avengers: Infinity War Will Dazzle, Stagger, and Rile You UpMarvel’s films have little in the way of a vision, but audiences have so much feeling for these characters that it doesn’t entirely matter.
  31. A Serious Critique of the MCU’s Off-Duty FashionA thoughtful conversation about how many of our heroes are committing the crime of dad jeans — including makeover suggestions.
  32. avenger fatigue
    Kevin Feige Sees the Bright Side of James Cameron’s ‘Avenger Fatigue’ Comments“There are other stories to tell besides, you know, hypogonadal males without families doing death-defying things,” Cameron said of the franchise.
  33. tribeca 2018
    Karen Gillan Weighs In on the Age-Old Question: Who’s the Hottest Friend?Also, the allure of exposed brick.
  34. John Krasinski As Captain America, and Other Actors Who Almost Played AvengersThe MCU could have looked very different with Emily Blunt and Joaquin Phoenix in it.
  35. casting
    Carrie Coon Will Grace Avengers: Infinity War With Her PresenceCoon will play the villain Proxima Midnight.
  36. Which of These 33 Characters Will Die in Avengers: Infinity War?We’ve ranked them in order, from safest to most likely to kick the bucket.
  37. The 5 Best Comics to Read About Thanos Before Avengers: Infinity WarFrom his earliest days of evildoing to his present of pugnacity.
  38. movie trailers
    New Infinity War Trailer Gives Us a Fresh Fix of WakandaThis Wakandan war chant is your new jam.
  39. Analyzing the Crazy, Complicated Credits of Avengers: Infinity WarHow 27 different stars figured out their unusual placement in the billing block.
  40. Breaking Down the New Avengers: Infinity War TrailerWait, how many Infinity Stones does Thanos have?
  41. Death Awaits Our Heroes in New Avengers: Infinity War TrailerFeaturing not one but two quippy Peters!
  42. Spring Movie Preview: Avengers, Isle of Dogs, More Movies We Can’t Wait to WatchHere’s what to keep on your radar between fistfuls of Zyrtec.
  43. twist!
    Avengers: Infinity War Will Now Hit Theaters on April 27Disney doesn’t want to wait.
  44. avengers: infinity war
    Breaking Down the Avengers: Infinity War TrailerGrab your Infinity Stones and dive in.
  45. avengers: infinity war
    Chris Evans’s Beard Arrives in the Avengers: Infinity War TrailerHello, Thanos.
  46. Elizabeth Olsen’s Guide to Screen Chemistry With Renner, Plaza, and BettanyThe star divulges the secret to her sparks with Jeremy Renner, Aubrey Plaza, and Paul Bettany.
  47. the avengers
    What Happened in Today’s Secret Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War?The gang’s getting back together.
  48. jeremy renner has collapsed
    Jeremy Renner Says Arm Injuries Won’t Effect His Other Jobs, MostlyJeremy Renner is going to be fine, says Jeremy Renner.
  49. behind the scenes
    Marvel Drops an Avengers: Infinity War Behind-the-Scenes First Look VideoFeaturing Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Holland.
  50. casting couch
    Peter Dinklage in Talks for Infinity War RoleInfinity War and its sequel will shoot back-to-back.
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