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  1. music
    Avicii’s Family Issues Second Statement on Apparent Suicide“Tim was not made for the business machine he found himself in.”
  2. deaths
    Oman Police Release Findings for Avicii’s DeathTwo postmortems were carried out.
  3. Avicii and EDM’s Promise of Post-Recessional ExcessAvicii was but one of the towering, single-named DJs that rose up in the early 2010s wave of EDM, but he was the most emblematic.
  4. rip
    Swedish DJ Avicii Dead at 28He had retired from touring two years ago, citing health reasons.
  5. youtube rewind
    YouTube Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Pizza Rat and Double RainbowsLeft shark! How we missed ye.
  6. swedish exports
    Robyn Got a Swedish StampShe deserves it.
  7. secret siblings
    Taylor Swift Asks Her Parents If She’s Related to AviciiHeyyyyy, brother.
  8. dance parties
    Get Ready for the Corporate Megarave Dance music is mainstream, raves are taking over stadiums, and promoters are salivating with wallets open.