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    You Do Not Want to Sit Next to Baby Adam Driver on a Plane“I was worried he’d come out overcooked, considering I was pregnant with him for two full years.”
  2. kevin spacey
    Jon Bernthal Says Kevin Spacey Was a ‘Bully’ on the Baby Driver Set“I didn’t really care for the way he was behaving toward some of the other people on set.”
  3. The Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)Including Get Out, Baby Driver, and The Beguiled.
  4. happy halloween
    The Funny Reason Why Austin Powers Masks Are Selling Out for Halloween This YearYeah baby, yeah! Great costume choice!
  5. bad news
    Numbers Are In And The Summer Box Office Officially Tanked This YearIf only Wonder Woman could just be re-released every month.
  6. Edgar Wright on Baby Driver Blowing Past $100 Million and Baby Driver 2“It’s not that studios need to take more gambles on original movies. It’s that they should stop thinking about original movies as gambles.”
  7. lawsuits
    Baby Driver Has Found Itself in the Middle of a Musical LawsuitHow oddly fitting.
  8. The Choreographer for Sia, The OA, and Baby Driver Wants More Faces in DanceRyan Heffington also explains how his immersive new WWII-themed show Seeing You was influenced by Madonna.
  9. Why Is the Cassette Tape All Over Pop Culture?We consider fewer than 13 reasons why.
  10. sequels forever
    Edgar Wright Is Weighing a Baby Driver Sequel at Sony’s Behest“I think there’s somewhere more to go with it in terms of the characters.”
  11. Edgar Wright’s Forgotten Film Debut ‘A Fistful of Fingers’Edgar Wright’s newest film Baby Driver is out this week, and if early reviews are any indication, it can easily stand alongside his previously […]
  12. sometimes the clothes do make the man
    The Drive Jacket and the Baby Driver Jacket: In ConversationTwo of contemporary cinema’s most distinctive jackets meet in person for the first time.
  13. Talking ‘Baby Driver’ and the Art of Visual Comedy with Edgar WrightFew mainstream filmmakers treat the full range of cinema as their playground quite like Edgar Wright does. With each film he releases, the […]
  14. Edgar Wright Explains His Favorite Musical Moments in His Own Films“Sometimes, if an old song doesn’t have a music video, you start to imagine. But you don’t listen to ‘Thriller’ and think, I’ve got a great idea!”
  15. party reports
    Ansel Elgort Drives Like a Crazy Person in Real Life, Too“I can do a J–turn. I can do a 180-degree turn, I can do the 90 power-out.”
  16. Why Jon Hamm Hasn’t Become a Movie Star, YetAnd why Baby Driver may signal a new phase for the actor.
  17. Why Edgar Wright Makes Some of the Best Movie Soundtracks▶️ In the heist film Baby Driver, Wright uses his favorite trick again: The characters in his films can hear the music as well.
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    Yes, Ansel Elgort Would Like to Star in a Musical, Thank You Very MuchAre you there, Damien Chazelle? It’s Ansel Elgort.
  19. movie review
    Movie Review: Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Is a Cinematic JoyrideThis is the first thriller I’ve seen in a long time that feels handmade.
  20. vulture festival
    Edgar Wright Won’t Use Green Screens for His Car Chases, Thank You Very MuchUnlike certain other action directors.
  21. sxsw 2017
    Everyone at SXSW Agrees Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Is AwesomeEdgar Wright delivers a headbanger of a heist extravaganza.
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    Baby Driver Trailer: Edgar Wright Takes on Dumb Names and Fast CarsAnsel Elgort is … Baby.
  23. film festivals
    Your Guide to 8 of the Most Exciting Movies at SXSWSong to Song, Baby Driver, Atomic Blonde, and more.
  24. the industry
    Hamm Joins Wright’s Baby Driver as VillainBad Hamm!
  25. Edgar Wright Has His Next Film Project Lined Up with ‘Baby Driver’It’s been just over two months since Edgar Wright made the unfortunate announcement that he was no longer directing Marvel’s Ant-Man, but […]