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  1. upfronts 2015
    Fox Cancels Backstrom and The FollowingBad news for cops who are mean and also Kevin Bacon.
  2. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Rainn Wilson’s Reddit AMAHe has a zonkey.
  3. tv review
    TV Review: Fox’s BackstromStarring The Office’s Rainn Wilson.
  4. chat room
    Rainn Wilson on Backstrom and Why It’s Not Just House As a Cop“Truly the last thing I wanted to do after wrapping 200 episodes of The Office was start shooting another television show.”
  5. Rainn Wilson Will Star in Fox Crime Drama ‘Backstrom’According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rainn Wilson is set to star in Backstrom, an upcoming Fox drama series written and executive produced by […]
  6. crime pays
    Rainn Wilson’s Backstrom Gets Fox Series OrderTake that, typecasting!
  7. casting couch
    Mamie Gummer Joins Rainn Wilson Pilot BackstromShe’ll play a gay, lethal detective.
  8. Rainn Wilson’s Next Show is a CBS Crime Drama Called ‘Backstrom’ Rainn Wilson was planning on starring in a spin-off based around his character Dwight Schrute once The Office ended its nine-season run this […]
  9. casting couch
    Rainn Wilson Recruited to Lead Backstrom at CBSHe’ll play an irascible detective.