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Bad Tweets

  1. oops
    Halsey Is Very Sorry for Accidentally Calling for Another 9/11She didn’t mean it.
  2. the internet
    Why Netflix’s One Day at a Time Cancellation Feels Like a BetrayalWhen a multi-billion-dollar media company tweets like your online friend, its business decisions are bound to feel personal.
  3. everybody’s a comedian
    Why Mike Huckabee Tweets the Way He Does (Badly)No politician is better at Twitter. And by better, we mean worse.
  4. bad tweets
    The Wire Creator Ignites N-Word Controversy“Use of the wrong racial vernacular was precise intended metaphor for use of wrong racial interlocutor.”
  5. 2016 olympics
    NBC’s Al Trautwig Recants Simone Biles Comment“To set the record straight, Ron and Nellie are Simone’s parents.”
  6. bad tweets
    Samantha Bee Got TBS to Apologize for Its Bad Hillary Clinton TweetSamantha Bee had tweeted back at her employer to “delete your account.”
  7. bad tweets
    The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Is Already in Trouble on Twitter [Updated]Comedy Central issued a statement.