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Bat Girl

  1. truce
    Leslie Grace and Brendan Fraser Bonded Over the Batgirl CancellationFraser immediately called Grace once they learned of the cancellation alongside everyone else.
  2. behind the scenes
    Leslie Grace Shares New Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Batgirl on TikTokIncluding Brendan Fraser’s Firefly.
  3. throwing crumbs
    A Select Few Will Actually Get to See BatgirlAt private screenings on the WB lot. No fans!
  4. bat news
    Batgirl Directors Say Warner Bros. ‘Blocked’ the Unfinished FootageAnd would need a lot of work to be the next Snyder Cut.
  5. last night on late night
    John Oliver Kinda Feels Like HBO Is Being Burned Down ‘for the Insurance Money’“Hi there, new business daddy.”
  6. jinkies
    Scoob! Holiday Haunt Filmmakers Recorded the Score for Their Canceled MovieHey, if the musicians were already paid for …
  7. batgirl
    Batgirl Director Adil El Arbi Shares Lone Image of Michael Keaton’s BatmanMaybe Warner Bros. wanted more bat-nipples.
  8. batgirl
    Everything We Know About the Future of Warner Bros. DiscoveryHBO Max and the DC Extended Universe are in for some serious revamping.
  9. batgirl
    Warner Bros. to Batgirl: Bye, Girl!Leslie Grace said Batgirl was “My own damn hero” on IG.
  10. batgirl
    Batgirl Has Found Its Batman in Michael Keaton (Probably)Keaton is already donning the cowl for The Flash.
  11. dc universe
    We Could Not Believe Our Eyes, Brendan Fraser Might Play FireflyIn the Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace.
  12. batgirl’s back
    First Look at Leslie Grace’s Batgirl for HBO Max“It’s your girl Leslie Grace … and I’m your new Batgirl.”
  13. dc films
    Leslie Grace Cast As Batgirl for New HBO Max FilmThe actress will take on the role of Barbara Gordon.
  14. caped crusaders
    Bad Boys for Life Directors Sign On to BatgirlThe long-languishing film is coming together at last.
  15. movies
    Batgirl Replaces Joss Whedon With Bumblebee ScreenwriterWhedon left the project because he said he couldn’t come up with a story.
  16. superheroes
    Joss Whedon Will Direct a Stand-alone Batgirl Movie for DCWarner Bros. is bringing in a ringer.