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  1. How Much Could the Best Villain Lairs Fetch on the Market Today?Million Dollar Listing’s Ryan Serhant gives us his expert opinion on Jabba’s Palace, Harry Osborn’s penthouse, and more.
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    Freddie Highmore on the Bates Motel Finale and Saying Good-bye to Norman Bates“We realize that, underneath it all, Norman is not quite as crazy as we’ve been led to believe.”
  3. overnights
    Bates Motel Series-Finale Recap: Good Night, Norman“The Cord” is a melancholy end to an underrated show.
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    Bates Motel Recap: Mommy DearestNorman Bates is running out of time.
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    Bates Motel Recap: Down by the WaterThis week’s tense episode ended with a shocking act of violence.
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    Bates Motel Recap: The SonThe final season has really upped the tension on this show.
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    Bates Motel Recap: The ShowerThis episode subverts Psycho’s most famous scene in a powerful way.
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    Please Enjoy Rihanna’s Livestream of Herself Watching Her Bates Motel EpisodeShe made up a drinking game to calm her nerves.
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    Bates Motel Recap: Meeting MarionWelcome to the Bates Motel, Rihanna! Please avoid the shower.
  10. good girl gone bates
    Bates Motel Showrunners On Casting Rihanna As Marion Crane“What we wanted to do was cast someone who wouldn’t be a pale imitation of Janet Leigh.”
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    Bates Motel Recap: Being Norman“Hidden” calls back brilliantly to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic.
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    Bates Motel Recap: Norma’s WeaknessThe fractured reality of Norman Bates gets even more fascinating.
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    Bates Motel Season-Premiere Recap: Mother Knows BestPay attention, Hitchcock fans. It’s going to be a fun season.
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    See Rihanna’s Marion Crane in the Rain on Her Way to Bates MotelGood girl gone Bates.
  15. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: Rihanna Joins A&E’s Bates Motel as Marion CraneProducers announced Friday that Rihanna, a woman you love, will take on the iconic role.
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    Bates Motel Season Finale Recap: Mama’s BoyNorma Bates is dead, but she’ll never abandon her son.
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    Bates Motel Recap: Goodnight, Mother“We’re supposed to be together, aren’t we Norman?”
  18. Behind Monday Night’s Tragic Episode of Bates Motel, ‘Forever’We all knew this was coming.
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    Bates Motel Recap: A Good ManWe have reached a critical moment in the tragedy of Norman Bates.
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    Bates Motel Recap: Welcome Home, Norman“I know how to make the world see me as normal.”
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    Bates Motel Recap: The New NormaIs there any reason not to kill Caleb?
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    Bates Motel Recap: Broken GlassCan Norma avoid her own dark desires?
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    Bates Motel Recap: Role-PlayHappiness is fleeting in White Pine Bay.
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    Bates Motel Recap: Introducing Mrs. RomeroWhile Dylan and Norma inch toward happiness, Norman finds himself alone.
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    Bates Motel Recap: The SplitNorma Bates is doomed to die, but when? And how?
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    Bates Motel Season Premiere Recap: Harming a FlyThis season, there will be no saving Norman Bates.
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    Carlton Cuse on The Returned and Bates MotelAnd Lost’s legacy.
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    Vera Farmiga Kisses and Tells About Bates Motel’s Season Finale“Norma already has a skewed perspective of affection.”
  29. renewals
    A&E Renews Bates MotelFor a ten-episode third season.
  30. the industry
    Which 2014 Network and Cable Shows Still Face Cancellation?Which network and cable shows that debuted or returned this year are still awaiting their fates? Let’s break it down.
  31. the vulture transcript
    Carlton Cuse on Bates Motel, Lost, and StrainBruce Campbell on season three of Bates Motel? You can thank us later.
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    Straight to Series: The Networks’ Big-Money Bet to Skip PilotsNetflix has abandoned pilots, and some networks are doing it, too, betting it will make TV better and cheaper.
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    Seitz on the New Wave of Small-Screen HorrorIt’s a bloody good time for horror on television.
  34. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Bates Motel’s Farmiga Defends Norma“She is the mother of a child with mental issues.”
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    You Think You Want Prequels, But You Really Don’tWhy are prequels so often disappointing … and why can’t we leave well enough alone?
  36. NBC’s ‘Bates Motel’ (Or, ‘Extreme Makeover: Hitchcock Edition’)Sometimes TV shows drag their unfunny, uninteresting, yet highly rated feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we cry in […]
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    Seitz on Prequels Hannibal and Bates MotelIn fact, they diverge rather drastically from what we already knew about their worlds.
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    Bates Motel Gets Renewed for a Second SeasonTen more episodes of the Psycho pseudo-prequel, coming up.
  39. Thoughts on Norman Bates and Psycho’s 4 SequelsTwenty thoughts on the Psycho franchise.
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    Freddie Highmore on Playing Young Norman Bates“He’s a nice person who things have happened to that might turn him different.”
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    Seitz on Bates Motel: I Dismember MamaA&E’s new show is an origin story/prequel to Hitchcock’s Psycho. And yet it isn’t.
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    Vera Farmiga on Bates Motel and Deciding to Do Television“It read to me like a really bizarre love letter between a mother and a child.”
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    Bates Motel’s Vera Farmiga: Norma’s Not All Bad The Psycho prequel premieres March 18 on A&E.
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    Watch a Bates Motel TeaserThe Psycho prequel series.
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    A&E Lands Vera Farmiga for Psycho TV SeriesShe’ll play the mother of Norman Bates.
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    A&E Picks Up Carlton Cuse’s Psycho PrequelWe all go a little mad sometimes. But what happens before that?
  47. A&E Developing a Prequel to PsychoCalled Bates Motel.