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  1. golden globes 2023
    Who’s Going to Win at the Comeback Golden Globes?This newly reformed awards show feels harder to predict than ever — not just who’s going to win but who’s going to show up.
  2. exit interview
    Baz Luhrmann Is the Stanley Kubrick of ConfettiThe Elvis director’s opulent movies aren’t for everyone, and he’s okay with that.
  3. irony
    Baz Luhrmann Is Too Tired to Release the 4-Hour Cut of ElvisMaybe in a year or two.
  4. season of excess
    I Already Miss the Maximalist MovieThe movies are about to settle down, straighten out, and prepare for the seriousness of fall. But do they have to?
  5. fatsuit follies
    How Not to Make a VillainTom Hanks has never gone bad the way he does in Elvis. He’s also never delivered such a broad, silly performance.
  6. close reads
    Baz Luhrmann’s Tortured ArtistsElvis makes a point about exploited artists that Luhrmann first approached in Moulin Rouge!
  7. switched on pop
    Doja Cat’s ‘Vegas’ Is a ‘Hound Dog’ History LessonHer single borrows from Big Mama Thornton, Elvis, and others who have recorded the classic.
  8. so lonesome i could cry
    To Capture the Spirit of Elvis, One Must Bully Austin ButlerLurhmann enlisted hecklers for Butler’s first recording session as the King.
  9. invasion of the role snatchers
    Austin Butler and Miles Teller Were Up for Each Other’s Blockbuster RolesBut was either of them competing with Julia Garner to play Madonna?
  10. accents
    What Does Tom Hanks’s Elvis Voice Sound Like?It’s like Mike Myers’s Goldmember on a take when Jay Roach told him, “Just let loose on this one.”
  11. tv’s nicole kidman
    Nicole Kidman to Make Heartbreak Feel Good in a Place Like Your HomeBaz Luhrmann is reworking his 2008 movie, Australia, into a miniseries.
  12. the baz of it all
    Counting the Baz-isms in Baz Luhrmann’s ElvisBaz Luhrmann can do many things, but he cannot do less — especially not in Elvis.
  13. i spy
    Baz Luhrmann Had 20 Minutes to Memorize Elvis Presley’s BedroomHe’s a visual Luhrner.
  14. movie review
    Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Might Be a Hazard to Your CorneasElvis is bloated, hectic, ridiculous, and utterly shameless in presenting Presley as a talent too beautiful for this earth. I liked it.
  15. profile
    In Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, Yola Becomes Her Own HeroWhat would rock and roll — or all of music — be without its architect Sister Rosetta Tharpe? For starters, no Yola.
  16. primers
    Rock and Roll Starts With Sister Rosetta TharpeA new Elvis biopic attempts to show her legacy. Here’s just a fraction of it.
  17. suspicious minds
    Want an Elvis-Themed Wedding in Las Vegas? It’s Now or NeverWe can’t go on together with suspicious IP.
  18. cannes 2022
    In Elvis, There’s No Business Like Baz-nessWhy have only one montage when you can edit another montage inside that montage?
  19. no thank you
    Riley Keough Says She Didn’t Want to Star in Baz Luhrmann’s ElvisYou know, the biopic about her grandpa.
  20. keep that pelvis far from me
    Elvis Trailer: Tom Hanks Got COVID-19 for This?Entering the building (your local movie theater) on June 24.
  21. first looks
    Here’s the First Footage of Austin Butler in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis BiopicThe film is currently set to release on June 24, 2022.
  22. friday night movie club
    Leonardo DiCaprio Won’t Let Himself Be Hot Onscreen Without DyingI am here today to posit a theory about the Romeo + Juliet and Titanic actor’s storied career and his Fibonacci sequence of a face.
  23. coronavirus
    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Are Feeling Better, Thank God“Sheltering in place looks like this.”
  24. adaptations
    Let’s Set More of Our Literary Idols on FireAlena Smith’s Dickinson blows a mouthful of pot smoke in the face of the biopic genre. More, please!
  25. biopics
    Austin Butler’s Gyrating Pelvis Will Star in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis BiopicMaybe next time, Miles Teller!
  26. casting
    Whose Gyrating Pelvis Is Worthy Enough to Join Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopic?Harry? Ansel? Aaron? Austin? Miles? The sky’s the limit! (But please pick from these five.)
  27. theater
    Baz Luhrmann and Alex Timbers on Taking Moulin Rouge! From Screen to Stage“Normally such a strong reinterpretation of the work you’ve done happens after you’re dead.”
  28. chat room
    Baz Luhrmann on Figure Skating’s Love Affair With Moulin Rouge!“They all are very, very natural bedfellows.”
  29. cancellations
    The Get Down Canceled After One SeasonThe super-expensive project will not live to see another day.
  30. The Get Down’s Baz Luhrmann on Season Two’s CliffhangerAnd the two songs Sia wrote.
  31. the vulture tv podcast
    Get Down Creator on the Show’s Messy Production“Sometimes I feel like I almost died in this last two-and-a-half years. It’s just been kind of crazy.”
  32. inevitable comparisons
    How Baz Luhrmann-ish is The Get Down?Relatively Baz-ish.
  33. chat room
    So What Exactly Is ‘the Get Down’? Let Grandmaster Flash Explain“Oh shit, he took my beat and he glued it to this picture.”
  34. tv review
    Netflix’s The Get Down Is a Spectacular Mixed Bag of a ShowAnyone who watches this expecting it to be about the birth of hip-hop is going to be disappointed.
  35. Why The Get Down Is Only Premiering Half of Its First Season on Friday“Netflix and Sony wanted to get something on the air.”
  36. tca 2016
    6 Things We Learned at Netflix’s The Get Down TCA PanelThe idea to explore this cultural and musical period occurred to Baz Luhrmann when he was sitting in a Paris restaurant ten years ago.
  37. the industry
    Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down Is the Most-Expensive Netflix Show EverAnd it almost killed Baz Luhrmann.
  38. trailer mix
    New Trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Get DownWarning: Tears ahead.
  39. what could’ve been
    We Almost Got a Prince Song on The Great Gatsby SoundtrackThanks for trying, Baz.
  40. casting call
    Jaden Smith Will Play a Jaden Smith Type in Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix ShowThis doesn’t sound like a stretch.
  41. party chat
    Baz Luhrmann on Working With Grandmaster FlashThe Flash is also a character on the show.
  42. exclusive
    Baz Luhrmann Tells Us All About His New Netflix Show, The Get DownAnd it sounds kind of like an Empire prequel.
  43. Baz Luhrmann’s First TV Show Is Headed to NetflixThis should be a spectacular spectacular.
  44. elvis lives
    Baz Luhrmann in Talks for an Elvis BiopicSure, why not.
  45. directors chair
    Baz Luhrmann in Talks to Make Kung Fu MovieYoung gatz-hopper.
  46. coming attractions
    What Will Baz Luhrmann Do Next?He’s got a lot of possible projects floating around.
  47. up jumped the boogie
    Baz Luhrmann Coming to TV With Hip-Hop-Era DramaWritten by the playwright behind The Mother****** With the Hat.
  48. rumors
    HBO May Do a Napoleon MiniseriesA Napoleon series written by Stanley Kubrick!
  49. party chat
    Baz Luhrmann Thought About Adding More Pammy to The Great Gatsby“Right up to the last minute, we were experimenting with doing more with the child.”
  50. endorsements
    James Franco, Random Fitzgerald Endorse Luhrmann’s Gatsby“I came all the way from Vermont to see what you did with my grandfather’s book.”
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