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  1. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Breaking Bad, RankedWith the release of El Camino, we revisit the show’s highs and lows.
  2. encounter
    Aaron Paul Couldn’t Be Happier to Be Jesse Pinkman AgainThe Breaking Bad star returns to his greatest role.
  3. tv
    Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan QuizTen years after Breaking Bad debuted, how well do you know Walter White’s story?
  4. close reads
    Why Better Call Saul Is the Anti–Breaking BadWhere Vince Gilligan’s original AMC crime drama was plot-driven to a fault, the follow-up is more relaxed.
  5. last rites
    Seitz: One Last Look at the Breaking Bad FinaleWhat our TV critic feels about the episode four days later.
  6. vulture essays
    Warren Ellis on Breaking Bad and the Horrible Glory of HeisenbergThere’s a reason “Walter White lived here” isn’t scrawled on the wall of his house.
  7. best of
    See All of Vulture’s Breaking Bad IllustrationsWant to see what a Pollos Hermanos value meal looks like? Okay.
  8. deep dives
    Matt Zoller Seitz on the 11 Breaking Bad Episodes He Can’t ShakeMaybe it’s best to think of this as a New Hampshire cabin viewing list.
  9. vulture essays
    Damon Lindelof on Breaking Bad: How Heisenberg Is Like BatmanHow is Walter White like Bruce Wayne? The co-creator of Lost explains in this Vulture essay.
  10. the rewatch
    Matt Zoller Seitz on Revisiting Breaking Bad Season OneThis is the first installment in an occasional new series in which Vulture’s TV critic rewatches classic shows and writes about them season by season.