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  1. controversies
    Can Top Gear Survive Without Jeremy Clarkson?The TV presenter was dropped after punching a producer.
  2. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: The Complete First Season of ‘Family Tree’ on […]Having turned 30 with no job, no wife and no real idea of what his heck future holds, the very loserish lethargic but equally likable Tom […]
  3. Christopher Guest Casts His New Comedy with Exactly Who You’d Expect Him […]It’s been six long years since Christopher Guest’s last comedy, For Your Consideration, but he’s finally back behind the camera for a new […]
  4. Gervais and Merchant Tackle Dwarf Comedy with Life’s Too ShortRicky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have yet another show coming to British television, with the latest called Life’s Too Short: “As with the […]
  5. short jokes
    Ricky Gervais to Make a Curb Your Enthusiasm for DwarfsGet excited, Warwick Davis fans!