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  1. on the scene
    Book Expo America Report: TED Comes to TownBoris Kachka learns about “artisanal publishing” and more at the publishing industry’s annual convention.
  2. dispatch
    Book Expo 2012: The Ten Hottest ProspectsTom Wolfe, Michael Chabon and a little someone named…J.K. Rowling!
  3. convention hell
    Last Day at BEA: More Jokes About Fifty Shades“I lived with a guy for three years who made Christian Grey look like Justin Bieber.”
  4. dispatch
    Breakfast With Stephen Colbert Involves Euphemisms for His PenisAt the annual Book Expo America, the comedian brought the laughs, but it was author Barbara Kingsolver who captivated the audience.
  5. bea
    BookExpo 2009: ‘Productive Despair’This year, having taken their meds in the form of layoffs and steep losses, publishers were in a strange mood.
  6. bea
    Sully Aces BookExpo AppearanceWith the attention of more than 100 conventiongoers at stake, Sully’s heroic brevity at BookExpo landed listeners safely at the five o’clock cocktail hour.
  7. bea
    BookExpo Another (Good) Excuse to Cry, ‘The Sky Is Falling!’The once-joyous red-letter events of the cultural calendar reduced to doom-y article ledes.
  8. bea
    Steven Tyler ‘Rocks’ BookExpo Keynote, Confuses Chuck KlostermanTopics included raccoon hunting, African cranes, harmonic fifths, and growing up in the Bronx with big lips.