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Beau Is Afraid

  1. movies
    Parker Posey Doesn’t Know If She Can Live in New YorkThe actress on aging in the city, terrible boyfriends, and why she doesn’t read her press.
  2. ask an expert
    A Urologist Answers Every Question We Have About Beau Is AfraidWhat would be the medical consequences of not ejaculating for your entire life?
  3. movie review
    The Impersonality of Ari Aster’s Most Personal FilmThe Hereditary director, never a horror guy, has left the genre behind for Beau Is Afraid — so why does his new film feel less open?
  4. encounter
    Who’s Afraid of Patti LuPone?The Broadway legend on bringing the horror to Ari Aster’s latest smothering-mother fantasy Beau Is Afraid.
  5. easter eggs
    Beau Is Afraid’s Filthiest Jokes Are Hidden in the BackgroundAri Aster’s latest is stuffed with funny signs, cheeky parodies, and blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em references.
  6. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Beau Is AfraidIt would be tempting to say that Beau Is Afraid is the story of Beau’s journey back home, but really, there isn’t much of a journey.
  7. needle drops
    Mariah Carey Watched Beau Is Afraid’s ‘Always Be My Baby’ Sex Scene on Her PhoneCarey personally approved Beau Is Afraid’s use of “Always Be My Baby” after Ari Aster wrote a letter to her, according to producer Lars Knudsen.
  8. dick jokes and mommy issues
    Have You Seen Ari Aster’s Missing 2011 Beau Short Film?The short film — now scrubbed from the internet — tells us a lot about early Ari Aster and the neurotic humor that shaped Beau Is Afraid.
  9. ari aster
    All About Ari Aster’s MotherEverything the Beau Is Afraid director has said about his mom, because we know you want to know.
  10. film twitter
    Wait, So Could Beau Is Afraid Get a CinemaScore F?Here’s what you need to know about whether that rating is possible.
  11. upworthy
    Local Boy Meets His Hero, Mariah CareyBeau is overjoyed!
  12. coming soon
    The Universe Is Conspiring Against Joaquin PhoenixDirector Ari Aster says it’s “Jewish Lord of the Rings, but he’s just going to his mom’s house.”
  13. comedy halloween
    Celebrities: They’re Fools Like UsWhich celebs got got this Comedy Halloween?
  14. gotcha
    Midsommar Stans Got Pranked With Beau Is Afraid for April Fools’Director Ari Aster did a Q&A at the surprise early screening of his film.
  15. mom can you come get us?
    Ari Aster’s Disappointment Blvd. Renamed Beau Is AfraidStarring Joaquin Phoenix’s younger self?