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Becky Ann Baker

  1. social distance
    At Home, From a Distance, With Dylan and Becky Ann BakerAmerica’s most reliable character-actor couple talk acting as their own crew for Social Distance.
  2. trailer mix
    Please Watch Netflix’s Social Distance Trailer in IsolationStarring Becky Ann Baker, Dylan Baker, and Oscar from accounting.
  3. chat room
    Becky Ann Baker on Girls, Eating Too Many Gummies, and Hannah’s Pregnancy“I had a good-sized bag of gummies, which I didn’t know until a little later was not that good for you.”
  4. Girls’ Becky Ann Baker Talks About Doing Acro Yoga With Lena Dunham“It’s a very L.A. thing.”
  5. party chat
    Becky Ann Baker Remembers Christmas Caroling With Philip Seymour Hoffman“Our families both did the Christmas caroling under the Washington Square arch.”