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Bee Movie

  1. what’s the deal
    Jerry Seinfeld Directs a High-Concept Movie About How Pop-Tarts Are Kinda CoolAccording to all known laws of gastronomy, there is no way that a tart should be able to pop.
  2. late night buzz
    Jerry Seinfeld Apologizes for Subtle Bee Movie RomanceYa like jazz?
  3. apropos of nothing
    Is ‘Fred Claus’ Hollywood’s Secret Weapon in Its War on Christmas?Is it possible that all these talented Hollywood stars could’ve conspired to work below their skill level (while presumably collecting huge paychecks) to make a terrible movie and sour people on Christmas?
  4. backlash
    Where Will the ‘Bee Movie’ Marketing Team Spend Its Last $20,000?No one on Planet Earth hasn’t heard of this movie, and Bee Movie has 42 percent unaided awareness among the space-alien demographic.
  5. chat room
    Matthew Broderick on ‘Bee Movie,’ ‘Sex and the City,’ and Playing Ping-Pong With Kenneth LonerganBroderick and Lonergan, coming to the New York stage this spring.
  6. apropos of nothing
    Our Awkward Interview With the Directors of ‘Bee Movie’: A Play in One Act“And, um, how are you important?”
  7. apropos of nothing
    Jerry Seinfeld Has Daddy IssuesSeinfeld’s Time magazine profile suddenly turns dark when he candidly credits his father’s death for his success.
  8. tube junkie
    Score From ‘Brazil’ Wildly Popular, For Some ReasonBecause nothing says “animated children’s film” quite like “negative Utopia.”
  9. news reel
    Jerry Seinfeld: The Michael Jordan of TV?