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  1. trailer mix
    Bella Thorne and a Creepy Doll Star in American Horror Stories Season TwoAs well as Denis O’Hare, Alicia Silverstone, and Dominique Jackson.
  2. extremely online
    Bella Thorne Broke OnlyFans (No, Not Like That)The often NSFW platform suddenly placed caps on creator earnings, a change many are linking to Thorne allegedly scamming her followers over a nude.
  3. extremely online
    Bella Thorne Apologizes to OnlyFans UsersShe wrote that she intended to “normalize the stigmas” around sex work.
  4. extremely online
    Sean Baker Swears He’s Not Part of Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans Project“I would never do anything that could possibly hurt the community.”
  5. the digital age
    Someone Blackmailed Bella Thorne With Her Nudes, So She Decided to Post Them“For too long I let a man take advantage of me over and over and I’m fucking sick of it.”
  6. the industry
    Bella Thorne Says Freeform Was Quite the Network BullyShe was referred to as “ugly” many times.
  7. bella thorne’s 19 cats
    A Few Questions About Bella Thorne’s 19 CatsThis feels cursed, but okay.
  8. bella thorne’s 19 cats
    Why Doesn’t Bella Thorne Instagram Her 19 Cats? What Is She Hiding?Her silence speaks volumes.
  9. bella thorne’s 19 cats
    In Defense of Bella Thorne’s 19 CatsFrom one cat mom to another.
  10. chat room
    Bella Thorne on Her Haunted House and Those Paparazzi PhotosThe I Still See You star gets real about ghosts and see-through shirts.
  11. sundance 2018
    A Movie About Teenage Girls Murdering Sexists Got the Biggest Deal at SundanceThe $10 million deal for revenge fantasy Assassination Nation is the biggest purchase of the festival.
  12. assault
    Bella Thorne Shares Her Own #TimesUp Story on Twitter“I didn’t know the person sneaking into my bedroom at night was a bad person.”
  13. weekend box office
    The Weinstein Company’s First Post-Scandal Release Grossed a Paltry $742Sorry, Bella Thorne.
  14. trailer mix
    Exclusive: Spin the Bottle Gets Super Bloody in First Trailer for The BabysitterDon’t tell mom the babysitter is killing people.
  15. casting couch
    Edward Norton to Voice Chinese Man in New FilmBacklash probably to come.
  16. trailer mix
    Famous in Love Trailer: More Pretty Little Liars on DisplayIt looks better than Ravenswood.
  17. vulture lists
    Disney and Nickelodeon Stars Gone Pop: A Power RankingAri! Demi! Miley! And an exceedingly shirtless Nick Jonas!
  18. chat room
    Documentarian Frederick Wiseman on How the Idaho Legislature Can Help You Understand Barack ObamaWhy four hours about the Idaho state legislature is worth watching.