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Ben Sinclair And Katja Blichfeld

  1. vulture lists
    Every High Maintenance Episode, RankedFrom the web series to the HBO show, High Maintenance has told a ton of worthwhile stories.
  2. Ben Sinclair on Writing High Maintenance While Going Through a Breakup“The first day we were like, ‘Hey guys, we’re splitting up. This is a very strange situation. And we’re going to be super open about it.’”
  3. the vulture tv podcast
    High Main Creators on Their First HBO Season“The Guy gets frustrated a lot more this season.”
  4. backstories
    How High Maintenance Told an Entire Episode From the Perspective of a Dog“It takes so many people to get a dog to do a routine.”
  5. chat room
    High Main Creators Bring the Short Film to TV“We would love to be the people who helped short stories become the thing.”