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  1. How Richard Linklater Uses Naturalism to Find ComedyRichard Linklater is having what can probably be considered the most visible period of his career with the release of his highly anticipated […]
  2. true stories
    Real-Life Bernie Freed From Prison; Moves in With Richard LinklaterHe’ll live in the director’s garage.
  3. year in culture 2012
    Things You Might’ve Missed in 2012 — and Shouldn’t HaveIf you want to be a true good-pop-culture completist, you need to be checking out Suburgatory, The Sessions, Demi Lovato, and more.
  4. party chat
    Richard Linklater Answers All of Your Before Midnight Questions“After the second, I didn’t know anyone would want a third!”
  5. party chat
    Jack Black Isn’t Sure About Seth MacFarlane Hosting the Oscars, Either“It might get tiring if he keeps on doing the voices from Family Guy.”
  6. movie review
    Jack Black Is Amusing, Empty in Richard Linklater’s BernieJack Black stars in Richard Linklater’s amusing film about a small-town Texas murder.
  7. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Diane Keaton Brought Out Her Latest Darling RescuePlus: Jason Segel was scrutinizing Robert De Niro’s face throughout the showing of The Five-Year Engagement, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  8. Richard Linklater’s Bernie Looks Like Good Wholesome Murderin’ Fun Here’s the first trailer for Richard Linklater’s dark comedy Bernie, based on the true story of a Texas murder. Jack Black is fun as a […]
  9. trailer mix
    Bernie Trailer: Jack Black’s Mild MurdererHe kills Shirley MacLaine … but she had it coming.
  10. Jack Black to Murder Shirley MacLaine in Richard Linklater’s BernieI looks like Richard Linklater’s latest, Bernie, is going to be coming to theaters at some point in the near future. The dark comedy starring […]
  11. the industry
    George Clooney Picks Ryan Gosling For NorthPlus: Meet ‘Breaking Dawn”s Denali clan.
  12. awesome
    Richard Linklater Casts Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine in Texas-Set Dark ComedyMurder! Rich ladies! Linklater!