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Best Of The Fest

  1. sundance
    Sundance: The Killer Inside Me Is Antichrist Meets Precious Meets No Country for Old MenAlso, it may go down in history as the worst date film ever made.
  2. best of the fest
    Sundance 2010: The Revenge of the DocumentariesWhen the lineup for this year’s Sundance Film Festival was announced, doc-watchers everywhere oohed and aahed at the murderer’s row of documentarians on the schedule.
  3. trailer mix
    Banksy to Make Surprise Sundance Debut’Exit Through the Gift Shop,’ a doc purportedly directed by the artist himself, is making its premiere on Sunday.
  4. best of the fest
    Cannes Jury Does Not Approve of the Crushing of GenitalsMaybe next time!
  5. kudos
    Tribeca Film Festival Winners AnnouncedIs it over already?
  6. best of the fest
    2009 Cannes Film Festival Lineup Is Heavy on AuteursNew films from Ang Lee, Jane Campion, Michael Haneke, and others will be debuting here. Also, Quentin Tarantino!
  7. best of the fest
    The Top Five Shorts at the 2009 Tribeca Film FestivalIt’s our gift to you.
  8. best of the fest
    Sundance Jury Gives Screenwriting Award to Film Without Script“It was the one award we didn’t expect because we didn’t actually write this film with a paper and pen.”
  9. best of the fest
    Best. Sundance. Ever?Special acting prize recipient: Mo’Nique!
  10. chat room
    An Education’s Carey Mulligan on Not Playing a LolitaWe speak to Mulligan about having an “out-of-body experience” experience at Sundance and realizing how young she looks in a school uniform.
  11. best of the fest
    Sundance Shocker: Michael Cera’s Paper Heart Takes a Schoolyard Beating“A holocaust of twee.”
  12. chat room
    Stella Schnabel on Her Breakout Sundance PerformanceWe speak to Schnabel about improvising scenes with non-actors, the difference between acting and real life, and her famous father.
  13. best of the fest
    James Gandolfini on a Sopranos Movie: ‘It Would Be Great to Bring Everyone Back Together’“Obviously it is the writing of the script, and if David [Chase] and them come up with something.”
  14. best of the fest
    Brittany Snow Can Act!Every so often we see a film at Sundance that shows us actors we had previously dismissed in a wondrous new light.
  15. best of the fest
    Critic Hits Dude at SundanceIndie producer and sales agent Jeff ‘the Dude’ Dowd turned a late-morning interview into a Sundance smackdown today.
  16. best of the fest
    Blogger’s Cowboy-Hat Ordeal Comes to Close at Sundance“Leaving an article of clothing, something with your scent on it, means that you intend to come back and spray your scent around some more.”
  17. best of the fest
    We’ve Seen Steven Soderbergh’s Porn-Star Flick, The Girlfriend ExperienceThe movie was shot in sixteen days with a cast of non-professionals, save for the lead: porn actress Sasha Grey.
  18. best of the fest
    Sundance Wants to Sex You UpAshton Kutcher gigolo flick! Amber Heard constantly naked! Possible secret screening of Steven Soderbergh’s Sasha Grey flick!
  19. best of the fest
    The Obama Sundance: The Buzz So FarThis weekend, optimistic, humanist stories bloomed like daisies.
  20. best of the fest
    Sundance: Shock Docs Seize the Power of the ImageThis year’s documentarians are bringing us images from places we’re not meant to see.
  21. best of the fest
    The Cove’s Richard O’Barry on Secret Dolphin Slaughter — and Flipper’s SuicideThe dolphin “abolitionist” speaks to us about watching TV with Flipper and dodging the yakuza.
  22. best of the fest
    Sundance: Fest Director Suggests The Greatest May in Fact Be, Well, the GreatestSo far, the most important question of the festival.