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Billy Bob Thornton

  1. onward and upward
    Hollywood’s Six Pathways from Supporting Parts to StardomHow some of the most beloved character actors became some of the most beloved leads.
  2. movie review
    A Million Little Pieces Turns a Literary Scandal Into a Boring MovieHowever much of James Frey’s rehab saga was true or fudged, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson can’t make the case for why it’s worth adapting.
  3. chat room
    Billy Bob Thornton on Goliath and Why TV Is the New Indie FilmAnd what Hollywood always gets wrong about the South.
  4. roll clip!
    Billy Bob Thornton Missed Out on Early Roles Because He Wasn’t Southern EnoughOf all people!
  5. phobia watch
    Filming Love Actually Forced Billy Bob Thornton to Confront Some of His PhobiasMaybe it was good for him?
  6. chat room
    Billy Bob Thornton Knows What You’ll Think of Bad Santa 2“I know exactly how it’s gonna go and I’m hardly ever wrong.”
  7. great things
    Billy Bob Thornton Enjoys My Little PonyFluttershy is his fave.
  8. anniversaries
    Gene Hackman Was Hell on the Hoosiers SetJack Nicholson was the first choice for his role. 
  9. tv review
    Amazon’s Goliath Doesn’t Challenge Its Brilliant CastThe gap between Billy Bob Thornton’s talent and the quality of Goliath is a show in itself.
  10. trailer mix
    New Bad Santa 2 Red-Band Trailer: Violent Night, Unholy NightThis Santa is at it again.
  11. trailer mix
    Watch Billy Bob Thornton in the Goliath TrailerComing to Amazon in October.
  12. the industry
    Amazon Picks Up New David E. Kelley Show TrialTrial will star Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt.
  13. movie review
    Our Brand Is Crisis is a Lively But Flawed Political Black ComedyFeaturing Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton as campaign rivals.
  14. Billy Bob Thornton Is Returning for ‘Bad Santa 2’A sequel to 2003’s Bad Santa is in the works, and Billy Bob Thornton has officially signed on to reprise his role. According to Variety, […]
  15. overnights
    The Big Bang Theory Recap: When BBT Met BBTWith a surprise guest-appearance by Billy Bob Thornton.
  16. chat room
    Billy Bob Thornton on Fargo and Ken Burns Hair“I look like a boyish devil, you know?”
  17. Here’s the First 7 Minutes of FX’s ‘Fargo’ Fargo, FX’s new anthology series loosely based on the 1996 Coen Brothers crime-comedy-drama of the same name, premieres on April 15th, and the […]
  18. trailer mix
    New Fargo Trailer: Rumor Travels Faster“What a day.”
  19. coming attractions
    Watch Billy Bob Thornton in a Fargo TeaserOooh, snowy.
  20. casting couch
    Billy Bob Thornton Joins Entourage MovieHe’s playing a character, not himself.
  21. movie review
    Movie Review: Jayne Mansfield’s CarSet in 1969 Alabama and starring Robert Duvall, Kevin Bacon, and John Hurt.
  22. casting couch
    Billy Bob Thornton Set for Fargo TV ShowIt’s not just a remake of the movie.
  23. ‘Bad Santa 2’ Takes Another Drunken Step ForwardAbout this time last year, we reported that two different people were working on a sequel to Bad Santa. Well, now Accepted and Hot Tub Time […]
  24. chat room
    Billy Bob Thornton on Jayne Mansfield’s Car and the Rumor His Next Film Is About Angelina Jolie [UPDATE]“We haven’t even started on this movie yet! And the idea has nothing to do with the way I met her or anything to do with her.”
  25. Billy Bob Thornton Says Bad Santa 2 Will Shoot This FallBilly Bob Thornton says that Bad Santa 2 is currently in rewrites and on track to shoot this fall for a Christmas 2013 release. It’s unclear […]
  26. movies
    Billy Bob Thornton’s Next Film About Angelina JolieIt’s a road movie inspired by their relationship.
  27. Bad Santa Writers Not So Sure About This SequelBad Santa 2 is in the works, but without the original’s screenwriters Glen Ficarra and John Requa.  Which is is probably for the best since […]
  28. Bad Santa 2 In The Works With Two Separate Scripts In a piece of good news for people who love filth and the holiday spirit, the L.A. Times reports that Bad Santa 2 is on the way. Billy Bob […]
  29. Billy Bob Thornton May Be Starring in Bad Santa 2Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to star in a sequel to Bad Santa. A rep from the Weinstein Company says “We feel that it’s a Christmas perennial […]
  30. paychecks
    Forbes: Will Ferrell Makes Too Much MoneyAnd Shia Labeouf makes too little.
  31. the industry
    Amy Adams to Bring Zach Galifianakis Out of His ShellPlus: Adam Sandler plays both Jack and Jill!
  32. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones to Make Awkward Subway-Platform ConversationPlus: ‘Excalibur’!
  33. quote machine
    Billy Bob Thornton Comes CleanPlus: For the last time, people, Hugh Jackman isn’t gay!
  34. quote machine
    Jamie Foxx, Method ActorPlus: Asher Roth is not a one-hit wonder.
  35. Take Heart, Billy Bob Thornton: Tom Petty’s Acting Is Worse Than Your SingingThornton was interviewed on a Canadian radio show yesterday, and he might’ve offhandedly compared his own musical career to that of Tom Petty’s a dozen or so times.
  36. quote machine
    Marisa Tomei Is Not Just a Naked LadyAnd Clint Eastwood explains how he’s mastered the nasty-old-bigot role.
  37. apropos of nothing
    Michael Bay Foiled by Science!An Australian Ph.D. student won a science prize for an asteroid-diverting technique rejected in Bay’s ‘Armageddon.’
  38. the industry
    They Are Actually Trying to Convince Ryan Gosling to Play Jack RyanPlus: Laurence Fishburne has never made a bad movie.
  39. the industry
    Fifty Percent of Olsen Twins to Appear in FilmElton John, Dolly Parton, and more
  40. the industry
    Simon Cowell Has One IdeaPlus industry news on Jack Black, Vince Lombardi, and John Singleton.