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Billy Reid

  1. leak of the week
    The Hives’ New Album Is the Second-Best Album Leaked All DayEarlier today we chastised Britney Spears for failing to show up for a recording session with Pharrell Williams, but it turns out she might’ve had the right idea after all.
  2. cover story
    Britney’s Real Album Cover Is Worse Than All the Fake Album Covers We SawBlackout!
  3. agenda
    Show premiere forces us to actually watch VH1We don’t mean to disparage any runners-up for Flava Flav’s affection, but we’re more excited for Salt-N-Pepa’s reality show than anything else on VH1.
  4. art candy
    Nope, This Is Not Pete DohertySomething about this still from Karen Yasinsky’s animated short Jean & Juliette screams Pete Doherty (The hat? The pastiness? The ability to score with girls way out of his league?), but, alas, Yasinsky’s sources are slightly more dated.