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Black Adam

  1. vulture lists
    Every DC Comics Movie, RankedFrom the Christopher Reeve era to the Snyder Cut — plus this week’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods.
  2. the end
    Black Adam Defeated by Final Enemy … Warner Bros. DiscoveryBlack Adam 2 will not be moving forward.
  3. what’s next?
    With Wonder Woman 3 Canceled, the DC Extended Universe Could Be Very DifferentHere is a character-by-character breakdown of what could happen to the DCEU.
  4. trust me
    Black Adam Didn’t Do That Bad, Says Black Adam Star the RockHe said he confirmed with financiers that the movie will actually make a profit.
  5. still of steel
    Okay, Maybe a Black Adam–Versus–Superman Fight Might Actually HappenHenry Cavill has returned as Superman.
  6. we should have a talk
    Black Adam’s Mid-Credits Scene Flies Up, Up, and AwayThe countdown to the inevitable throwdown begins now.
  7. easter eggs
    All the Black Adam Easter Eggs You Might Have MissedLet’s break down the Easter eggs referencing Black Adam and the Justice Society’s comic-book pasts and cinematic futures.
  8. movie review
    Black Adam Is Entertaining RubbishThe Rock plays the DC superhero with such a stony face that we forget how charming this actor can be otherwise.
  9. the rock but grittier
    When Will Black Adam Be Brave Enough to Release the Rated-R Cut?The film reportedly went through four cuts in order to get it to a PG-13 rating.
  10. trailer mix
    The Black Adam Trailer Gives Villains RepresentationAnd Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson plays the bad guy (duh).
  11. caller id
    Aldis Hodge Accidentally Told The Rock to ‘F- - - Off’ Before Black AdamIt’s not every day that The Rock gives you a call.
  12. first look
    The Rock and His V-Neck Tease First Look at DC’s Black AdamEntering a new era of shirtless villains.
  13. black adam
    Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam To Get His Own Supervillain MovieThis is an unusual cinematic development.