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Black Sails

  1. thirst
    A Brief Guide to Thirsting After Game of Thrones’ (New) Dickon TarlyMeet actor Tom Hopper, who is very buff.
  2. tv
    Starz to End Black Sails After Season 4Captain Flint will finally make it to Treasure Island.
  3. the industry
    How 50 Cent and a Feminist Action Hero Are Finally Putting Starz on the Map “We need to be populist.”
  4. Which of These 5 Opening Credits Sequences Deserves an Emmy?In other words, who has the best credits?
  5. tv review
    TV Review: Black Sails Has Not Found TreasureYo-ho-ho, you’re gonna need that bottle of rum.
  6. teasers
    Watch a Trailer for That Michael Bay Pirate ShowBlack Sails.