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    The Mack Star Max Julien Has Died at 88He starred opposite Richard Pryor in the 1973 blaxploitation classic.
  2. just press a button
    Fred Williamson Answers Every Question We Have About Black CaesarThe Hammer remembers the guerrilla style of director Larry Cohen and how New York City provided a neighborhood full of free extras.
  3. movies
    Who’s Afraid of an Eddie Murphy Comeback?Dolemite Is My Name allows Eddie Murphy to reclaim a potent swagger that made him both inescapably magnetic and undeniably threatening.
  4. How Director X Updated Blaxploitation Classic Super Fly for Modern AudiencesWe talk to the director about making Superfly, a black action movie for the current cultural moment.
  5. streaming services
    Yes, You Can Now Stream Blaxploitation Films“Brown Sugar is like Netflix, only blacker.”