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    Rupert Murdoch Could Have Made Way More Money From AvatarNot that $350 million is so shabby.
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    Avatar Passes Titanic at Domestic B.O.It officially passed ‘Titanic’ to become the highest-grossing picture in the history of the United States.
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    David Edelstein: Avatar Is ‘A Mighty Achievement’Mainly because Cameron “understands the value of GIGANTISM and AWESOMENESS.”
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    Guy Ritchie Doesn’t Seem Too Concerned About Avatar“Well, nothing to worry about here, then.”
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    The Avatar Video Game: Bad on Purpose?“The animations are stiff and awkward. The camera, particularly in the melee combat, is unsteady enough to be disorienting and perhaps even nauseating.”
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    Avatar Clocking In at Nearly Three Butt-Numbing Hours LongPrepare for an assault on your senses.
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    Avatar Lands on List of Decade’s Top 100 FilmsImagine if the critics at the ‘Telegraph’ had seen more than fifteen minutes of it!