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  1. comedy
    Comic Blythe Roberson on Her Book About Dating Men, Hating MenA single feminist teaches us How to Date Men When You Hate Men
  2. Your Application To Cryobank NYC Has Been Denied, by Harris Mayersohn and […] Dear Potential Donor: Unfortunately, your application to donate sperm to the New York City Cryobank has been reviewed and rejected. While we […]
  3. @Blythelikehappy on TV Show Ideas, Obsessions, and Collaborative TweetsBlythe Roberson is a contributor to the New Yorker dot com, ClickHole, and The Onion. She co-hosts Life Is Pain the first Tuesday of every […]
  4. More Devastating Greek Tragedies, by Blythe Roberson The prince of Corinth visits an oracle to ask who his true parents are. Instead of directly answering the question, the oracle tells the […]
  5. Animal Expert, by Blythe Roberson Hello, Mrs. Henning’s fourth grade class. My name is Jeff Zambrzycki and your teacher asked me here today to talk about some of the exotic […]
  6. A Quick Reminder Before Our Rainforest Expedition Begins, by Blythe […]Gentlemen, welcome to the annual Millionaires Club Rainforest Expedition. Before we begin, I’d like to run through a few quick reminders to […]
  7. A Profile of Acting Legend John C. Reilly, by Blythe RobersonI’m assigned to write a profile of acting legend John C. Reilly. It’s an assignment of a lifetime. Wait. In a lifetime. It’s an assignment in […]
  8. Butterfly Tour, by Blythe RobersonHello Butterfly Enthusiasts! Welcome to Butterfly Landing. Please be sure to close the first door of the lock chamber before opening the […]
  9. Mattress World Commercial, by Blythe RobersonWhen you walk into a conventional mattress store, it’s really not about you. It’s about, here are our mattresses, would you like to buy […]
  10. High School Crush, by Blythe RobersonAlex Semmelmeyer is my future husband but since he’s the punter of the football team he’s too busy to know I exist! But that’s OK because […]
  11. Schomp Family History, by Blythe RobersonThe Schomp family is the most affluent of the Boston Brahmins. The Cushings? Peasants. The Parkmans? Hippie street dwellers. The Lawrences? […]