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  1. snl
    Colin Jost and Pete Davidson Addressed the Boat Thing on ‘Weekend Update’“We thought the whole thing through.”
  2. boats ‘n bros
    Colin Jost and Pete Davidson Bought a Staten Island FerryThey’re boat boys now.
  3. vulture bets on berry
    Why Hasn’t Matt Berry Hosted a Celebrity Cruise Yet?As summer approaches, it’s time for Mr. Berry to take us all to the sea.
  4. boats
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z Set Sail With Jack DorseyAnd his very long beard.
  5. gaslighter
    Everything We Know About Natalie Maines’s Boat and Those Scandalous TightsOnly Maines herself may know exactly what her ex did on her boat (and with whom???), but here’s what we’ve found out.
  6. deep dives
    They Were the First All-Women Crew to Conquer the Ocean. Then They Came Home.A new documentary tells the grueling story of a female yacht crew that exploded barriers at sea. Here’s what happened when they stepped back on land.
  7. I Am the Official Boatman of the Hudson River, by Luke Strickler One of the things they don’t tell you about being a boatman is how to handle the power. No one comes up to you and explains how you are now […]
  8. Noah’s Ark FAQs, by Matt Stofsky Good Morning Everyone, As you’ve no doubt heard, a Great Flood is coming to cleanse the world of sin. We wanted to address some big […]
  9. Don’t Ask Me About Being Lost at Sea, by Kathryn Doyle Yeah, I survived adrift on the ocean for six months, and no, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s really not a big deal, you guys. It was […]
  10. Have Some Fun on a Boat with Hannibal BuressHannibal Buress might have retired as a restaurant reviewer, but he’s back with a brand new Comedy Camisado tour video, this time on a boat […]
  11. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Sarah Paulson Talks Boats“I was very intoxicated.”
  12. Louis C.K. Boats Exactly Like You’d Imagine Louie WouldLouis C.K. thought it would be a nice idea to take his kids on a Labor Day boat ride on the Harlem River and then this happened [via […]
  13. boats
    R. Kelly Is Hosting His Own Cruise!October 1 through 5, be there.
  14. boats
    Boat to Go Near Pavement ConcertIf you’d like to catch Pavement’s upcoming show at the Williamsburg Waterfront but hate dry land, you’re in luck.