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Bob Chapek

  1. the law
    Disney’s Many Court Battles, ExplainedIt’s a legal mess in Bob Iger’s Mouse House.
  2. buffering
    Three Big Questions About Disney’s Streaming FutureBob Iger’s back. What does that mean for Disney+?
  3. bob eat bob
    Bob Iger Is Coming Back to Disney as CEOIger’s in, Chapek’s out.
  4. buffering
    Plenty of Subscribers, Even More Red Ink: A Tale of Two DisneysSubscriber growth alone isn’t enough for Bob Chapek’s Disney.
  5. consolidation prizes
    Disney’s CEO Wants a ‘Hard’ Bundle With HuluAnd might buy the service to get it.
  6. buffering
    Maybe Bob Chapek Was RightThe Disney CEO made waves when he fired one executive and promoted another. But the move actually has an upside.
  7. #disneysaygay
    Disney Employees Stage Walkout Over Donations to ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill BackersDisneyland employees were allegedly told they could not wear pride or trans flag pins to show their support today.
  8. exclusively gay moments
    Disney Tries to Make It Better by Restoring Lightyear’s Lesbian KissFollowing Pixar employees’ response to the handling of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
  9. choices
    Disney ‘Pausing’ Florida Donations, Says Self-proclaimed ‘Ally’ Bob ChapekThe company plans to increase support “to combat similar legislation” to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Chapek said.
  10. buffering
    Have the Oscars Finally Accepted the Streaming Reality?Plus, a closer look at Disney+’s big earnings report.
  11. mcu
    Simu Liu Responds to Bob Chapek Calling Shang-Chi Release an ‘Experiment’“We are not an experiment. We are the underdog; the underestimated.”
  12. see ya real soon!
    Oh Boy! Gosh! Disneyland Will Reopen on April 30To California residents only.
  13. the industry
    A Tale of Two Bobs: What Disney’s CEO Shake-up Means for HollywoodIt’s no exaggeration to say Tinseltown has no clue who Bob Chapek is.
  14. we appreciate power
    Disney Names Bob Chapek New CEO, Bob Iger Steps DownThe most magical C-suite on Earth.