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  1. bockmail
    Who Looks the Saddest in This Teaser for The Killing?Linden? Holder? Those dead ladies on the crazy wall?
  2. back from the dead
    Netflix Is Bringing Back The KillingFor six more episodes.
  3. bockmail
    See a Teaser for the New Season of The KillingRainy!
  4. bockmail
    The Killing Gets Another CopAnd he’s Linden’s ex-partner.
  5. The Killing Is Officially Un-Canceled and Will Be Back on AMCIt’ll pick up a year after Rosie Larsen’s case was closed.
  6. bockmail
    Billy Campbell Won’t Be Back on The KillingFarewell, Mr. Mayor.
  7. bockmail
    The Killing Is Back From the DeadWhy?
  8. bockmail
    Netflix Might Help The Killing Get Third SeasonNo thank you.
  9. bockmail
    Netflix, DirecTV Eye The KillingIt’s still got life in it.
  10. AMC Cancels The Killing; Fox to Shop It AroundR.I.P. Bockmail.
  11. bockmail
    Why There Are No Smart Phones on The KillingFinally, an explanation.
  12. casting
    The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman Lands Arthur & LancelotGo Holder!
  13. bockmail
    AMC Didn’t Expect Your Reaction to The Killing’s FinaleAdmits the channel’s president: “We underestimated the passion of viewers.”
  14. bockmail
    Who Was the Unseen Bad Guy in The Killing Season Finale?Five possibilities for Holder’s accomplice.