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Body Of Lies

  1. really close readings
    See Leonardo DiCaprio’s Six Go-To Acting Moves in Tiger Beat Collage FormLeo has a lion’s roar.
  2. woof!
    ‘Chihuahua’ Still Top DogWe hope you like terrible headlines like the one above because ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ is once again No. 1 at the box office!
  3. the take
    The Russell Crowe Gimmick: A HistoryAgain and again, Crowe plays tough guys — and tries to humanize them with some too poetic, too cute detail, to ridiculous, distracting effect.
  4. news reel
    Leonardo DiCaprio: Master Impressionist?Ridley Scott: “He took the piss out of me regularly with a very good impersonation.”
  5. countdown
    Is Russell Crowe Channeling J.T. Walsh in ‘Body of Lies’?How we know Crowe is playing a bad guy in the upcoming CIA thriller.
  6. trailer mix
    ‘Body of Lies’ Trailer Also Released TodaySorry, we got distracted by something else.
  7. the industry
    Okay, Okay, Peter Jackson Has Excellent Taste in ActorsRyan Gosling Joins Lovely Bones: Ryan Gosling will play the murdered girl’s father in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, joining the already-cast Rachel Weisz. We’re throwing up our hands; Jackson seems determined to make a really good movie and damn the box-office consequences. God bless him.