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  1. boo
    David Zaslav Draws Jeers, Boos at Boston University Graduation“Pay your writers,” the crowd chanted at the Warner Bros. Discovery chief.
  2. boo!
    HBO Max Serves South Side a Frosting-less CakeThe comedy series ends after three seasons.
  3. boo
    Tuca & Bertie Dropped by Netflix After Just One SeasonIts wings were clipped too soon.
  4. boo!
    American Horror Story Drops Terrifying Teaser and Title for Season 9It’s called 1984, and there are no witches or Evan Peters.
  5. boo!
    Megyn Kelly Is Out Here Defending Blackface Halloween Costumes“But, what is racist?”
  6. pet on set
    Meet Boo, UnREAL’s Accidental Improv StarTake a close look and you might spot her relieving herself in the corner.
  7. boo
    Make Jack-o’-Lanterns of TV’s Creepiest VillainsYou’ll have the most pop-culturally creepy house on your block.
  8. Movie Review: Red Lights Will Make You Believe in Bad MoviesAt first you might assume the ghostbusting film is a spoof. Sadly, no.