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  1. weinstein books
    Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein Book Will Be Personal, He Says in Surprise AppearancePopping into a BookExpo lunch, he talked about “some of the low points I’m now reliving.”
  2. bookexpo
    Divergent Author Veronica Roth’s Next Movie Will Explore Mental IllnessVeronica Roth’s next movie will be based on her short story “Inertia.”
  3. rescue me from politics
    Denis Leary Wants to Make a Kellyanne Conway MusicalIt’ll be “my Oscar, my Emmy, and my Tony.”
  4. Jonathan Franzen, Elena Ferrante, and 8 More of BookExpo’s Hottest GalleysFranzen! Ferrante! 
  5. chatroom
    James Patterson’s Quest to Save Reading“Put that in your literacy-statistics pipe and smoke it.” 
  6. 14 Nuggets From Jonathan Franzen’s Book Expo Q&ASo how “plotty” is Purity, anyway?
  7. dispatch
    Book Expo 2012: The Ten Hottest ProspectsTom Wolfe, Michael Chabon and a little someone named…J.K. Rowling!
  8. dispatch
    Breakfast With Stephen Colbert Involves Euphemisms for His PenisAt the annual Book Expo America, the comedian brought the laughs, but it was author Barbara Kingsolver who captivated the audience.
  9. books
    The Ten Hottest Prospects From This Year’s Book ExpoNew works by Jeffrey Eugenides and Ann Patchett were among the novels and nonfiction that walked away with the most buzz.
  10. by the book
    Jon Stewart Takes On Needy Audience Members“Is anyone here … maybe just curious about the shit we do?”
  11. by the book
    Fear, Loathing, and E-Books at the 2010 Book ExpoThe mood is dystopian. Thanks, Amazon.
  12. bea
    BookExpo 2009: ‘Productive Despair’This year, having taken their meds in the form of layoffs and steep losses, publishers were in a strange mood.
  13. bea
    Sully Aces BookExpo AppearanceWith the attention of more than 100 conventiongoers at stake, Sully’s heroic brevity at BookExpo landed listeners safely at the five o’clock cocktail hour.
  14. bea
    BookExpo Another (Good) Excuse to Cry, ‘The Sky Is Falling!’The once-joyous red-letter events of the cultural calendar reduced to doom-y article ledes.
  15. bea
    Steven Tyler ‘Rocks’ BookExpo Keynote, Confuses Chuck KlostermanTopics included raccoon hunting, African cranes, harmonic fifths, and growing up in the Bronx with big lips.
  16. news reel
    Politics at BEA: Buckley Bombs, Hodgman Kills, Markos Rips Thomas FriedmanThe scene at Book Expo’s politically themed author luncheon was surprisingly tense.
  17. news reel
    BEA Dispatch: Art Spiegelman Calls Out Contemporary ComicsAt Book Expo in L.A., Spiegelman disses FSG’s graphic-novel histories and talks up ‘manga.’
  18. news reel
    Dispatch From BEA: Ron Jeremy, Best-selling Author“‘He was this, this, this, this, a lot of dick jokes, now he’s really stiff, and best-selling author.’”
  19. news reel
    Dispatch From BEA: Doom-Sayers, Agents, and Jackie CollinsWalking the floor at the country’s biggest book convention.
  20. news reel
    Dispatch From BEA: Witches, Barnacle Penises Highlight the Year’s Buzz Books“Are there pictures?” “Yes, which is important to me, because I don’t like to read.”
  21. the early word
    Book Expo GalleyWatch: Which Fall Books Got the Biggest Push?
  22. news reel
    Russell Simmons’s Crazy Koans
  23. news reel
    The Book Expo Top Ten: Madeleines, Buddakan, and Rosie O’Donnell
  24. news reel
  25. news reel
    Here She Comes to Save the Day! Valerie ‘Flame’: Part II
  26. news reel
    Ian McEwan: The Major Motion Picture
  27. news reel
    BEA Buzz Books: Foreskins, Frank Lloyd Wright, and … Poetry?
  28. news reel
    Book Expo Sightings: Tom Perrotta, Adrian Tomine, Julianne Moore, and Someone in a Large Balloon Hat
  29. news reel
    Which Authors Will Be ‘Times’ Favorites Next Week? Ian McEwan and Tina Brown
  30. news reel
    Margaret Atwood Signs Autographs Via the Miracle of the Internets
  31. the best part
    Hollywood: Richard Russo Should Hang It Up
  32. news reel
    Would Pauline Kael Have Blogged?
  33. news reel
    At Book Expo: New Philip Roth Book Hyped, John Le Carre’s Son Earns Six Figures