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  1. boom
    Jackie Chan Forgot to Tell Tourists He Was Blowing Up a Bus in LondonIt was for his upcoming film.
  2. pilots 2014
    Fox Orders Bomb-Defusing Trivia Game ShowCalled Boom!
  3. boom
    Breaking Bad Returns to Its Biggest Ratings EverLow Winter Sun wasn’t so popular.
  4. boom
    Michael Bay Will Show You Morons Beautiful 3-D“Come into my edit room and I will show you beautiful 3D.”
  5. boom
    Report: A-Team Movie Had a ScreenplayEleven writers!
  6. boom
    Megan Fox Dropped From Transformers 3 Like a Jive-Talking AutobotFirst Skids and Mudflap, and now this!
  7. conan
    Shock: Conan Goes to TBS!Boom!
  8. power tweets
    Fake Michael Bay Has Explosive TweetsAnother day, another fake Twitter feed — but this one is seriously excellent.