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  1. Jason Schwartzman Sounds Like an Interesting HouseguestBored to Death actor Jason Schwartzman recalls his NYC story, one that involves tight jeans and questionable bodily positions in a Brooklyn apartment.
  2. vulture festival la 2017
    Bored to Death’s Jonathan Ames Once Got Ted Danson Extremely Stoned“You can see the aftereffects to this day,” Danson said.
  3. vulture festival la 2017
    How You Can See Natalie Portman, James Franco, and Issa Rae in L.A. Next MonthThe pop-culture extravaganza is coming to L.A. with a lineup filled with your favorite stars and creators from movies and TV.
  4. quiz time
    Quiz: Which TV Ted Danson Said It?Dansonheads, unite!
  5. new shows
    Jonathan Ames’s World’s End Is Coming to ShowtimeBased on an Icelandic series.
  6. reunions
    Bored to Death’s Cast, Creator ReuniteShow’s creator and stars put bromance on full display at SF Sketchfest.
  7. 12 More TV Comedies That Netflix Should Resurrect From the DeadFunded by the collective prayers and wishes of the internet hive mind, with possibly some help from dubious business practices in Iraq1, […]
  8. party chat
    Isla Fisher Wants In on the Bored to Death Movie“I’ll make myself available!”
  9. the vulture transcript
    Jonathan Ames on the Bored Movie and Twitter“Tweets can seem frivolous and demeaning to the art of writing, and I feel embarrassed by them.”
  10. encounter
    Getting Steamy in the Russian Baths With Jonathan AmesThe scene-stealing author on the Bored to Death movie, nudity, and more.
  11. in development
    Jonathan Ames and Jason Schwartzman Working Together on Another FilmIn addition to the Bored to Death feature.
  12. Jason Schwartzman and Jonathan Ames Are Making Another Movie Together, Not […] Earlier this week, we reported that HBO officially greenlit a movie based on its cult hit series Bored to Death, but now, word comes in via […]
  13. Jonathan Ames Shares the Ins and Outs of Writing“I think with every project we expect something more than what happens. We all love to be disappointed… The biggest crusher for me was that […]
  14. It’s Official: A ‘Bored to Death’ Movie Is Happening Late last year, Ted Danson said that a 90-minute movie based on the HBO show Bored to Death was in the very, very early stages, but now it’s […]
  15. back from the dead
    HBO’s Developing a Bored to Death Movie!More like bored not to death.
  16. Ted Danson Says the ‘Bored to Death’ TV Movie Is Being WrittenBack in June, we reported that a 90-minute Bored to Death HBO movie was in the earliest stages of development, but now, word comes in from the […]
  17. party chat
    John Hodgman Reacts to Bored to Death Movie News“I have not heard about this. Are you kidding?”
  18. ‘Bored to Death’ Alive?Clue #1) Ted Danson told a French journalist that a 90-minute Bored to Death movie is possibly in the works for HBO. Clue #2) HBO told Vulture […]
  19. back from the dead
    HBO Considering Bored to Death MovieIntriguing.
  20. Jonathan Ames Makes Every Other WGA Awards Presenter Look Very Boring This video of Jonathan Ames drunkenly presenting at the Writers Guild awards ceremony in New York is more entertaining than about ten […]
  21. great moments in intoxication
    Watch Jonathan Ames’s Wonderful Drunk Speech at the WGA Awards“I’m intoxicated in kind of a Dean Martin way.”
  22. Jonathan Ames Bought Fans $1,600 of Drinks at Bored to Death FuneralBored to Death, may it rest in peace, was given a lovely send-off to the great underworld (overworld? What happens to TV shows when they die?) […]
  23. party chat
    Vulture Met Up With Jonathan Ames and John Hodgman at Their Boozy Bored to Death ‘Funeral’ Last NightAmes on the tab: “I hope it doesn’t go over $2,000!”
  24. Jonathan Ames Lost His Fork and Wrote About It in the Times“I live like the Unabomber, but without his sense of purpose.” That’s Jonathan Ames, creator of the recently-cancelled Bored to Death, in a […]
  25. chat room
    Bored to Death Creator Jonathan Ames on the Show’s Cancellation “I have a cold, just so you don’t think I’ve been weeping. Don’t write, ‘Ames’ voice was froggy from weeping!’”
  26. Bored to Death Hangs Up Its Amateur Detective TrenchcoatHBO has canceled Bored to Death after three seasons. Adios, many scenes of Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson smoking pot in […]
  27. tv
    HBO Renews Enlightened, Cancels Bored to DeathHung and How to Make It in America got the ax, too.
  28. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: I Like Mine in Cream SauceTo be continued!
  29. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Shaving the Ol’ Side-BellyImpotence is contagious.
  30. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Super Ray’s Cock“You have to live with the guilt.”
  31. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Dominating the Artisanal SceneDoppelgänger time!
  32. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Tales of an Upbeat HamletPark Slope parenting gone awry.
  33. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: The Gumball RallyAction! Suspense! Whiskey nipples!
  34. ratings
    Cable Ratings: Results for Enlightened, RosieRosie O’Donnell did okay.
  35. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: All Along the ClocktowerSeason three begins.
  36. slideshow
    See New York’s Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery of Bored to DeathTed Danson dreams the impossible dream as Don Quixote as Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis look on.
  37. clickables
    Watch the Bored to Death Cast Run Amok at Coney IslandWisely, they keep off the Cyclone.
  38. breaking
    Ted Danson Joins CSI As a Series RegularHe will stay on ‘Bored to Death’ as well.
  39. chat room
    Ted Danson: ‘No One Has Ever Hired Me to Take My Clothes Off and Be Sexy. No One.’The resurgent actor talks about ‘Bored to Death’ and his new book, ‘Oceana.’
  40. HBO vs. Showtime: Battle of the Premium Cable ComediesEarlier this week, Showtime aired the premieres of Californication, now in its fourth season, and the brand new show Episodes. For years, the […]
  41. awww
    Jason Schwartzman Becomes a FatherMarlowe Rivers Schwartzman enters this world.
  42. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Comic-Book Heroes’Bored to Death’ revels in pat endings as a matter of course, but when the pat endings become an episode’s reason for being, the strain shows.
  43. chat room
    Bored to Death’s Ajay Naidu on His Directorial Debut, Ashes, and Life After Office Space“I’m watching Zach Galifianakis, who’s now like Harrison Ford, freaked out because he’s working with Ted Danson.”
  44. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Spa Day!“You know, I never thought I’d be in a graveyard in a spa robe talking to a beautiful transvestite in the moonlight.”
  45. overnights
    Bored to Death: The Enemy Is Everywhere“I’m just glad my last erection in life is with you.”
  46. HBO Renews Eastbound and Down and Bored to DeathGood news! HBO has picked up both Eastbound and Down and Bored to Death for third seasons.
  47. tv
    HBO Renews Eastbound and Down, Bored to DeathBoth comedies will get the go-ahead for a third season.
  48. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Another Degree of Kevin BaconBacon may take the well-endowed role of SuperRay, while George suffers another editorial cruelty.
  49. Jenny Slate on Ted Danson: ‘He’s Like the Sun!’Here’s Jenny Slate on her Bored to Death co-star Ted Danson: “Ted is a god. He’s so wise and such a good listener, and so inquisitive. I wish I […]
  50. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: Reversals of Fortune“I smoke pot and then I draw.”
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