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Born To Run

  1. punctuation
    63 Times a Very Excited Bruce Springsteen Used ALL CAPS in His MemoirHe gets VERY excited!
  2. listen up
    Playlist: The Songs Bruce Springsteen References in Born to RunThe deep cuts and classics. 
  3. memoirs
    Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Beautifully Dissects His Own MasculinityWhat Born to Run has to say about the Boss’s relationship to gender. 
  4. bruce springsteen
    Watch Bruce Springsteen’s CBS Interview The Boss talks depression, his dad, and the death of Clarence Clemons.
  5. bruce springsteen
    Born-to-Read Bruce Springsteen Is Going on an 8-City Book TourThe tour is in support of his new memoir, Born to Run.
  6. bruce springsteen
    Bruce Springsteen Discusses Life with Depression in His Memoir“I was crushed between sixty and sixty-two, good for a year and out again from sixty-three to sixty-four.”
  7. autobiographies
    Bruce Springsteen to Write Memoir, Born to RunSee the cover!