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    The Movie Industry Sort of Set a New Box-Office Record. Hooray?Inflation speaks truth (that some people don’t want to hear).
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    Apple Reportedly Wants to Let You Rent Movies While They’re Still in TheatersThis would make Apple the leader in the digital-rental horse race.
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    What Does It Mean for a Movie to Be Record-breaking in 2016?An investigation into monthly high-water marks.
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    Suicide Squad’s Records Are Nice, But Its Run Probably Won’t End WellDC does not want to find itself in the position of needing to convince ostensibly loyal fans to actually see its films.
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    Suicide Squad Is on Track to Break RecordsA massive opening weekend doesn’t make a long tail.
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    Ghostbusters’ Main Problem Is That Sony Wanted It to Be a Marvel MovieIn the end, it’s the same thing it was always going to be: a very expensive comedy.
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    Now You See Me Is Film’s Most Unlikely FranchiseMagicians, Oscar nominees, and Ocean’s Eleven — a weird formula for a blockbuster in 2016.
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    Allowing Texting in Movie Theaters Was an Awful Idea, But an Understandable OneJust as theater chains risk losing business to home viewing, they also risk destroying what it is that makes moviegoing distinct from home viewing.
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    Why the Screening Room Is Dividing HollywoodDo you want to pay $50 to watch blockbusters at home? And even if so, does Hollywood want you to?
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    Breaking Down the Coens’ Box-Office HistoryWhat do we really expect out of these guys’ movies?
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    Trading of Box Office Futures ApprovedThe MPAA is not pleased.