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  1. going solo
    BTS Announce Hiatus, Promise Best Moment Is Yet to ComeA rep claims the band is “not on hiatus,” but will work on solo projects. Sure!
  2. self-sabotage
    Liam Payne Determined to Ruin His Own CareerHe went on Logan Paul’s podcast, of all things, to air 1D’s dirty laundry for some reason.
  3. rip
    Michael Nesmith, Monkees Guitarist, ‘Different Drum’ Songwriter, Dead at 78The singer-songwriter and his bandmates Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork were both sitcom stars and a real pop-rock band.
  4. my debut single is dropping
    K-Pop Goes Punk With Xdinary Heroes’s Debut Single ‘Happy Death Day’From Twice’s label JYP Entertainment.
  5. q&a
    Brockhampton Is Ready to Leave a Hell of a Legacy BehindAll boy bands come to an end, but there’s never been a boy band like Brockhampton.
  6. deaths
    K-Pop Star Yohan, Member of Boy Band TST, Dead at 28His boy band, TST, released their most recent album Countdown in January of 2020.
  7. deaths
    Dream Street Band Member Chris Trousdale Dead At 34His former bandmate, Jesse McCartney, claimed on Instagram that Trousdale died due to complications from COVID-19.
  8. boy bands
    Mario Lopez Wants to Find Our Next Heartthrobs With New Menudo SeriesThe popular Puerto Rican boy band started Ricky Martin’s career in the ‘80s.
  9. album review
    The Jonas Brothers Pull Off One of the Greatest Comebacks in Recent MemoryThe last group to enjoy this much success after parting ways was One Direction.
  10. music
    The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Backstreet BoysWhy do they appear to be resonating more with fans this year than they have in the last decade?
  11. superstars
    How BTS Succeeded Where Other Boy Bands Couldn’tIt’s partially because they’re not really a boy band at all.
  12. the charts
    BTS Tops Billboard Chart, Making History in the ProcessIf you don’t know these boys, you probably should.
  13. hollywood walk of fame
    ‘N Sync Warms Your Little Tween Heart With Their Hollywood Walk of Fame SpeechesThere is some part of you that will always want, no, need to see these guys hug.
  14. going solo
    Fifth Harmony: Who Will Win the Breakup?You’re the first band member to leave your pop group. How likely are you to have the most success, according to history?
  15. breakups
    Fifth Harmony Was Never Built to LastTheir hiatus signals the end of girl groups as we know them, at least in America.
  16. american music awards
    AMAs: BTS Showed Off Their Dance Moves With Their American-TV DebutThe Korean boy band performed “DNA” at the American Music Awards.
  17. boy bands
    Your Guide to the 2017 Boy-Band RenaissanceAre any of these bands the next Backstreet Boys?
  18. Watch the Backstreet Boys Electrify the Crowd at the ACM AwardsTim McGraw is ecstatic to see that choreography again.
  19. last night on late night
    The Backstreet Boys Are Back With James Corden, Alright?They now have a sixth member.
  20. Justin Timberlake Reacts to Lou Pearlman’s DeathMany express mixed emotions about Pearlman’s role in their lives.
  21. Lou Pearlman, ’90s Boy-Band Manager, Dead at 62He created Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, O-Town, and LFO.
  22. backstreet’s back
    Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Announces New Record With an August Release Date“Backstreet’s back, alright!”
  23. going solo
    When Boy-Banders Become Men: Does the First Member to Go Solo Fare Best?A look at boy bands past.
  24. boy bands
    Did One Direction Break Up for Good?Conflicting reports!
  25. The Beatles Were the Greatest Boy-Band Ever, ActuallyLet’s fight over the biggest (boy) band to ever exist.
  26. it’s complicated
    One Direction Going on Break: Report [Updated]Everything SUCKS.
  27. music
    One Direction Has Been Secretly Funding 5 Seconds of SummerThe world’s biggest boy band has been investing in the second-biggest boy band.
  28. Meet the YouTube Boy BandIts five members don’t sing, or dance, or even have a proper name. But the boy-band dynamics are there.
  29. boy bands
    The Backstreet Boys Are Getting a DocumentaryBackstreet’s back, again.
  30. boy bands
    New Kids, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men Are Touring TogetherOh boy.
  31. boy band wars
    Lindsay Lohan Was Fighting Over Max From the WantedHe was flirting with another girl.
  32. boy bands
    The 98 Degrees Reunion Is For Real This TimeOne night only.
  33. dance parties
    A Brief History of the Boy Band Hand-to-Heart MoveFrom New Edition to One Direction.
  34. 2gether
    Watch Nineties Parody Band 2Gether Reunite on a Sidewalk, Sing ‘Calculus’Take note, One Direction. This is what not to do.
  35. british boy band invasion
    Boy Band Wars: The Wanted Make a Preemptive Idol StrikeTake that, 1D.
  36. reunions
    At Last, 98 Degrees ReuniteOMG.
  37. face-offs
    The Wanted vs. One Direction: Which New Boy Band Is Right for You?Pick a side!
  38. clickables
    Watch Four Professional Golfers Perform an Unfortunate Boy-Band RoutineIt’s not exactly “Mother Lover.”
  39. clickables
    Watch JC Chasez Sing ‘This I Promise You’ Live With Matthew MorrisonIs NKOTBSBSYNC in our future?