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Brad’s Status

  1. Will Ben Stiller’s Characters Ever Grow Up?The secret of Stiller’s success: His perennial man-children connect with a universal sense of inadequacy within us all.
  2. Brad’s Status Is a Naked, Grim Exploration of EnvyEven if you relate to Brad, you’ll probably end up wishing he’d save it for his shrink instead of a paying audience.
  3. Everyone in Hollywood Is Envious. Mike White Is Willing to Talk About It.The director of Brad’s Status on his “craven” contemporaries, Dawson’s Creek and Enlightened, and whether he considers himself “successful.”
  4. Ben Stiller Is a Sad Dad Named Brad in the Brad’s Status TrailerCo-starring Jemaine Clement, Luke Wilson, and Michael Sheen, hopefully as dads too.
  5. Check Out the ‘Brad’s Status’ Trailer Featuring Ben Stiller, Jemaine […]Last year, Ben Stiller signed on to star in a movie written and directed by Mike White and produced by Brad Pitt called Brad’s Status, and […]
  6. Ben Stiller to Star in Mike White Comedy ‘Brad’s Status’ Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, and Mike White are teaming up for a new comedy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, White (School of Rock, Nacho […]