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Brad Evans

  1. cinephiles
    Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli: Kings of LetterboxdIn a new sketch, the two film buffs discuss cinema and explain how it’s meant to be seen.
  2. comics to watch
    Just for Laughs Announces Its 2020 New FacesHere are the comedians you should keep an eye on this year.
  3. late night
    Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli Join the Tonight Show Writing StaffBut they’re stuck working from Los Angeles during the coronavirus.
  4. interviews
    The True Story Behind the Viral ‘Moves Like Bloomberg’ Video“We really didn’t think it would trick people. In our heads we were just like, This is a dumb comedy bit, and people will know that we’re comedians.”
  5. Inside ‘Tween Fest’, Funny or Die and go90’s Star-Studded Streaming Series In 2015, writers Brad Evans (who is a former editor of this website) and Nick Ciarelli created a stage show at the UCB in Los Angeles called […]