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  1. the law
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Expensive Lawsuit Over Cheap Rosé, ExplainedJolie’s former investment company accused Pitt of “looting” Miraval in $350 million lawsuit.
  2. podcasts
    Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Famous Exes on Call Her DaddyShe says Ben Affleck was “technically excellent” in bed.
  3. greenwashing
    Katrina Victims Still Owed $20.5M From Lawsuit With Brad Pitt’s FoundationNonprofit Global Green allegedly promised to pay the settlement without ever having the funds to back it up.
  4. stunt awards
    David Leitch Explains the One Old-School Stunt He Can’t Live WithoutThe stuntman turned filmmaker behind Atomic Blonde and Bullet Train on the secret to making action look “real” (and why it doesn’t actually have to).
  5. backstories
    ‘There Couldn’t Be Any Normal Scenes in This Movie’Damien Chazelle and his collaborators explain Babylon in three key scenes.
  6. celeb beefs
    Courtney Love Says Brad Pitt Got Her Fired From Fight ClubBecause she wouldn’t let him do a Kurt Cobain biopic.
  7. endings
    The ‘Wrongheaded,’ ‘Galaxy-Brained’ Ending of Babylon, ExplainedOnce again, a character is transported out of their ordinary, humdrum life through the wondrous power of cinema.
  8. influences
    The Real Jazz Age Stars and Scandals That Inspired Damien Chazelle’s BabylonA character-by-character guide to the silent-era analogues whose real-life exploits inspired Damien Chazelle’s Jazz Age epic.
  9. movie review
    There’s History in Babylon, But Where’s the Thrill?Damien Chazelle is too worried about the extinction of film to make one capable of truly titillating.
  10. jazz improvisation
    Margot Robbie Saw an Opportunity to Kiss Brad Pitt and Took ItShe said while promoting Damien Chazelle’s new film, Babylon.
  11. piano’s hot
    Damien Chazelle Is Spiritually Incapable of Making a Movie Sans JazzMargot Robbie All About Eves Samara Weaving in the Babylon trailer.
  12. performance review
    What Was Brangelina?The couple were always known for their image-making savvy. Now, as their divorce reenters the press cycle, we’re reminded of who’s better at it.
  13. art
    Brad Pitt Not So Subtly Processed His Divorce Through SculptureAnd he recently debuted those pieces at a show in Finland.
  14. trailer mix
    Babylon Trailer: Margot Robbie Snorts the Paramount LogoIn a bump for cinema.
  15. tiff 2022
    Damien Chazelle Pulls Back the Veil on Babylon At TIFFChazelle isn’t done with Babylon yet, but he did treat TIFF to the trailer, revealing an extravaganza of Old Hollywood misbehavior.
  16. damage control
    Brad Pitt’s Foundation Settles With Katrina Victims for $20.5 MillionHe and his Make it Right Foundation were sued for building poorly constructed homes after the hurricane.
  17. movie review
    Run Me Over, Bullet TrainDavid Leitch’s film is all manipulation and extended cinematic sleight of hand. It begs you to surrender logic and simply enjoy it.
  18. the interpretation of dreams
    Brad Pitt Studied His Own Nightmares“My interpretation of the stabbing dreams were on the surface about fears, feeling unsafe, completely alone.”
  19. château etiquette
    Brad Pitt Accuses Angelina Jolie of Shadily Selling Their Wine BusinessTo “a stranger with poisonous associations and intentions.”
  20. cinemacon
    Bad Bunny Tries to Kill Brad Pitt in a Sneak Peek at Bullet Train“You tried to stab me?! I don’t even know you!”
  21. movie review
    The Lost City Can’t Quite Capture That Old Movie-Star MagicHow can we expect audiences to respond to adult movies like this if they lack the charm of the genres they’re plundering for inspiration?
  22. a long talk
    Tom Skerritt Has a Story to TellOn Orson Welles, his own regrets, and what makes a heart keep beating.
  23. celebrity wines
    Angelina Jolie Wants Out of the Celebrity Wine BizShe petitioned a judge to be allowed to sell her stake in Miraval.
  24. night of too many stars
    Damien Chazelle’s Babylon Adds Max Minghella, Flea, and Samara Weaving to CastThere are more stars in Babylon than in the sky above!
  25. the law
    Brad Pitt Granted Joint Custody, Angelina Jolie Appealing DecisionJolie reportedly claimed in a filing that the couple’s teen children could not testify in the trial.
  26. shade
    Stop Asking Youn Yuh-jung About Brad PittA ten needn’t concern herself with eights or lower.
  27. fall guy
    Brad Pitt Is Doing His Own Stunts in David Leitch’s Bullet TrainThe Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood co-star has been performing “95 percent” of his own action for the star-studded ensemble thriller Bullet Train.
  28. castings
    Bad Bunny Boards Brad Pitt Action Film, Bullet TrainAlongside Logan Lerman, Zazie Beetz, and more.
  29. breakups
    Brad Pitt Is Single and Available to Date Your WifeThe movie star has reportedly called it quits with married model Nicole Poturalski.
  30. honey
    God, Brad Pitt Is So Good at ThisHe’s a master class in how to play the game of celebrity. Case in point: his Fast Times performance.
  31. chaotic energy
    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Fast Times Table Read Got SteamyOr maybe that was smoke from Shia LaBeouf’s joint …
  32. love in the time of corona
    So, Fun Twist, Brad Pitt’s New Girlfriend Is MarriedAnd reportedly in an open relationship with her 68-year-old husband.
  33. dating
    Brad Pitt Has a New Girlfriend and We’re Just Happy He’s HappyOh, she’s a model? That’s cool.
  34. charity
    Brad Pitt Reunites With Jen Aniston … for Fast Times at Ridgemont High ReadingThe fundraiser event is being organized by Dane Cook.
  35. friday night movie club
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith Is a Straight Shot of Movie Star CharismaThis week’s Friday Night Movie Club is a testament to star power.
  36. the industry
    Brad Pitt Returns to the Big Screen as a Hitman Named LadybugIn director David Leitch’s Bullet Train.
  37. impersonations
    You Won’t Believe This, But Dr. Fauci Loved Brad Pitt’s Impersonation of Him“Everything he said on SNL is what’s going on.”
  38. last night on late night
    Brad Pitt Stars As Daddy Anthony Fauci in Remote SNL Cold OpenGiving the people what they want.
  39. some good news
    And Now, Over to Brad Pitt With the WeatherJohn Krasinski’s Youtube series got a name-brand weatherman.
  40. brad pitt
    Now Is the Perfect Time to Watch Meet Joe BlackTrick yourself into staying home with a three-hour movie about Brad Pitt being Death and also a virgin.
  41. oscars 2020
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2020 OscarsFrom Parasite’s winning streak to Eminem’s surprise appearance to Olivia Colman’s sex confessions.
  42. oscars 2020
    Janelle Monae’s Oscars Opening Number Goes Into Audience, Terrifies CelebritiesOnce dancing Jokers have been unleashed into the room, there’s no telling what can happen.
  43. oscars 2020
    Brad Pitt Tears Up While Accepting the First Oscar of the Night“Once upon a time in Hollywood, ain’t that the truth …”
  44. oscar futures
    Vulture’s Final 2020 Oscar Predictions for Every CategoryIn 1917 versus Parasite, we’ve got a battle of consensus versus passion. Which will win out?
  45. the gold rush
    Who Is Writing Brad Pitt’s Awards Season Speeches?At least one outside speechwriting agency confirms that Pitt’s representatives contacted the organization.
  46. baftas 2020
    1917 Is No. 1 at This Year’s BAFTA AwardsJoaquin, Renée, Laura, Brad … why, it’s practically the Golden Globes all over again.
  47. awards season
    Brad and Jen Both Got SAG Awards, But You, You Got This Photo Of Brad and JenLike a Screen Actors Guild Award for your heart.
  48. awards season
    Brad Pitt Thanks Margot Robbie’s Feet For SAG Win, And Margaret Qualley’s And…How long has he been rehearsing the tight five he gave for his acceptance speech Sunday night?
  49. vulture lists
    Every Brad Pitt Movie, RankedA closer look at the Oscar-nominated actor’s body of work.
  50. party report
    Brad Pitt ‘Got Sober’ Because of Bradley CooperCooper presented Pitt with an award from the National Board of Review.
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