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  1. *stares into camera*
    Help, a 2016 Jane Austen Adaptation Is Cyberbullying PersuasionStop! She’s already dead!
  2. now safe for work
    When Brands Got HornyFrom dick pics to anilingus to impregnated mascots, social marketing has entered its carnal era.
  3. brand twitter
    The Golden Globes Gave Us a Show After AllThe zombie-Globes still managed to maintain an essential Globes-iness: the sense that everything was five seconds from going completely off the rails.
  4. close the gap
    The Worst Brand Tweet of the Election Has Already Come and GoneZip it, Gap. No one wants to hear it.
  5. extremely online
    On Top of Everything Else, Apparently There’s Still Baby NutDon’t we have enough to deal with?
  6. extremely online
    The Mr. Peanut Death Super Bowl Commercial Refuses to DieOn Sunday he is risen, now as an adorable Baby Nut in a tiny top hat.
  7. twitter
    Brand Twitter Grows UpHow corporate social media (mostly) moved past its awkward phase and connected with audiences.
  8. late capitalism
    Wendy’s Twitter Account Responds to Accusations of Being a Fake Geek Girl“You wanna do this? We got time. Saga is on hiatus.”