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Brandon Victor Dixon

  1. tv musicals
    Brandon Victor Dixon, Vanessa Hudgens to Go Ouuut Tonight With Live Rent MusicalTake them or leave them.
  2. jesus christ superstar live in concert
    Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon Will Be Jesus Christ Superstar Live’s JudasDixon joins John Legend and Sara Bareilles in the live musical airing Easter Sunday.
  3. Hamilton Actor Not Surprised to Hear of Broadway Sexual-Harassment Allegations“I am well aware of the ubiquity of not just sexual harassment but sexual predation.”
  4. hamilton
    Hamilton’s Brandon Dixon Responds to Pence“We wanted to stand up and spread a message of love, of unity.”
  5. party chat
    Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon on the Election“Democracy is at work … one side won.”
  6. chat room
    Brandon Victor Dixon on Becoming Hamilton’s Burr“I’mma give them a straight Leslie Odom for a full week to create a false sense of security and then flip the script.”
  7. casting couch
    Hamilton Has Found Its Next Burr, ElizaThey’re alums of Shuffle Along and In the Heights.