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  1. rip
    Mark Margolis, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul Actor, Dead at 83Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk, Darren Aronofsky, and more have paid tribute to the Emmy-nominated star.
  2. follow-ups
    Better Call Saul Creator Vince Gilligan Is Developing a New Show for Apple TV+Better call Vince (if you want to make good TV).
  3. tv recaps
    Remember Breaking Bad? It’s Back, in Recap Form!Finally doing what we should have done back in 2008.
  4. tv recaps
    Breaking Bad Season-Finale Recap: Because It Was IllegalWalt chases the rush, but the rush chases back.
  5. tv recaps
    Breaking Bad Recap: Enter HeisenbergWalter White is a gambler, which is a danger to him and those who will always dismiss him as an amateur. They will do so at their peril.
  6. tv recaps
    Breaking Bad Recap: Making a ChoiceWalt’s family thinks he’s not acting like himself, but the real Walt is much more troubling.
  7. tv recaps
    Breaking Bad Recap: Alternative TreatmentsWalt’s lowest moment so far isn’t the cancer diagnosis. It’s much uglier.
  8. tv recaps
    Breaking Bad Recap: What Makes Up a Human Being?Don’t worry, Walt, the killing gets easier from here.
  9. tv recaps
    Breaking Bad Recap: ChiralityEpisode two shows what kind of series this will be by hitting the brakes without ever letting up the tension.
  10. tv recaps
    Breaking Bad Series-Premiere Recap: I Am AwakeWhy does Walter White break bad? The real reason is there from the very beginning.
  11. alternate endings
    Better Call Saul Could Have Ended Very DifferentlyJesse in prison, Gene in color, and the other possibilities considered, sincerely and in jest, for the end of this decade-and-a-half-spanning saga.
  12. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the End of Better Call SaulAs it turns out, the Breaking Bad prequel turned sequel is also TV’s best time-travel show.
  13. close read
    Better Call Saul’s Most Surprising Crossover Transcends Fan ServiceThere’s a lot more to Kim Wexler and Jesse Pinkman’s chance encounter than meets the eye.
  14. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Getting Away With ItKim proves she’s still capable of being human.
  15. wexler watch
    How Is Kim Doing After the ‘Breaking Bad’ Episode of Better Call Saul?A major question is finally answered.
  16. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Perfect DayIn the end, Kim never had Jimmy’s moral flexibility.
  17. overnights
    Better Call Saul Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Why Did Lalo Send You?The thrilling immediacy of the mid-season premiere cleans the slate for the season’s closing stretch.
  18. endings
    9 Questions About Better Call Saul’s EndgameThere are a lot of loose ends and not a lot of time left to tie them up, so let’s review what we’re watching out for in the final six episodes.
  19. predictions
    What Awaits Kim Wexler?Heading into Better Call Saul’s final run, let’s review all the likely and not-so-likely outcomes facing our ponytailed defender of justice.
  20. emmy insider
    ‘What Will I Do Without That Guy?’As the end of Better Call Saul approaches, Giancarlo Esposito wants more time with Gus Fring.
  21. the saul goodman show
    Carol Burnett to Guest Star on Better Call SaulBob Odenkirk had better be tugging on that ear of his.
  22. coronavirus
    Bryan Cranston Donates Plasma After Revealing He Had CoronavirusWalter White has gone from drug dealing anti-hero to plasma donating public health hero.
  23. easter eggs
    Every Breaking Bad Crossover Character in Better Call SaulFrom fan favorites to bit-parters, Better Call Saul is packed with cameos from Breaking Bad.
  24. chat room
    Better Call Saul’s Tony Dalton Hopes That Lalo Gets a ‘Worthy Death’“That’s the whole concept of Lalo. As far as he’s concerned, he could die any second.”
  25. spoilers
    It Took Five Seasons, But Better Call Saul Finally Brought Back Hank and Gomie“It’s classic Hank yappin’ about ridiculous stuff. And poor Gomie has to put up with it.”
  26. character study
    How Kim Wexler Became Better Call Saul’s ‘Impending Tragedy’The slow unraveling of Saul’s Über-competent, perfectly ponytailed fan favorite.
  27. tv review
    Better Call Saul Finally Gets to the GoodmanIn the fifth and penultimate season, there’s a sense of impending doom and decay in the air. But in a good way.
  28. recaps
    30 Breaking Bad Moments You’ll Definitely Need to Remember for El CaminoNeed a Breaking Bad recap ahead of Jesse’s return in El Camino? Here are the absolute essentials.
  29. The Essential Catch-Up Guide for Better Call SaulRead this before starting the new season.
  30. soundtracked
    The Hidden Breaking Bad References in El Camino’s Musical ScoreHow composer Dave Porter wove the “original Breaking Bad sound” into the music he wrote for El Camino.
  31. el camino
    How El Camino Fits Into the Breaking Bad TimelineThe movie sequel is packed with flashbacks to previously unseen moments from the original series.
  32. backstories
    How El Camino Pulled Off Its Surprise Walt and Jesse Reunion“Both of us had to wear these ridiculous looking cloaks, like we were part of a very, very, very demented cult.”
  33. el camino
    The Breaking Bad Movie Almost Had a Very Different EndingVince Gilligan reveals his bleak alternate ending for El Camino. (And why he changed his mind.)
  34. spoilers
    Should We Be Happy for Jesse at the End of El Camino?The conclusion of the Breaking Bad movie isn’t so clear-cut.
  35. tv review
    El Camino Gives Breaking Bad Fans Exactly What They WantTrue to the spirit of Breaking Bad and classic Westerns, El Camino is fan service executed at a very high level.
  36. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Breaking Bad, RankedWith the release of El Camino, we revisit the show’s highs and lows.
  37. encounter
    Aaron Paul Couldn’t Be Happier to Be Jesse Pinkman AgainThe Breaking Bad star returns to his greatest role.
  38. trailer mix
    Jesse Pinkman Lies Low in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Trailer“You ready?”
  39. skinny pete lives
    Skinny Pete Cooks Up a Teaser for Breaking Bad MovieA new teaser trailer for the Breaking Bad movie has been released.
  40. sneaky!
    Wait, the Breaking Bad Movie Is Already Done Filming?What else aren’t you telling us, Vince?
  41. soon
    Are Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Teasing the Breaking Bad Movie?“Even sooner.”
  42. breaking bad
    Aaron Paul Is Too Casual About Whether We’ll Get a Breaking Bad MovieHe can’t play with us like this, it’s cruel.
  43. breaking bad
    The Breaking Bad Movie Will Reportedly Premiere on Netflix, Not AMCIt may or may not be about Jesse Pinkman.
  44. breaking bad
    Vince Gilligan Is Making a Breaking Bad MovieAnd yes, probably in a trailer out in the desert somewhere.
  45. behind the scenes
    How Better Call Saul Rebuilt the Meth Superlab From Breaking BadThe “daunting” project took a team of 75 set designers, artists, and carpenters, plus advice from a structural engineer.
  46. chat room
    Breaking Bad’s David Costabile on His Big Return to Better Call Saul“I didn’t know what was in the works until they called up.”
  47. chat room
    Better Call Saul’s Vince Gilligan: ‘Never Say Never’ to Another SpinoffThe co-creator of Better Call Saul talks season four, Jimmy’s transformation, and the possibility of future spinoffs.
  48. sdcc 2018
    Bryan Cranston Tricked Aaron Paul Into Thinking He’d Be Killed Off Breaking BadHe is the one who pranks.
  49. toxic fandom
    Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn Looks Back on All the ‘Bizarre’ Fan Hate She Received“Now that the show’s done, it’s kind of amazing how much it’s shifted.”
  50. tv
    Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan QuizTen years after Breaking Bad debuted, how well do you know Walter White’s story?
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